Hey, sit down !

Last week, on the flight home, the friendly aeroplane announcer told us,” As we commence our descent, we ask you to return to your seats, fasten your seat belts and wait in silence..” ( not quite but near enough).

Since it was around 2 am, most people were already in their seats or belted in.

One passenger chose that moment to get up and walk to the WC( the seat belt sign was on by this time). He actually managed to take a few steps to his destination. Everyone who was awake noticed this but no one said a word. The quiet still air was broken by a loud, ” Hey, sit down!”.

Whether in response to this order or otherwise, I can’t tell, the passenger hurried back to his seat at an even greater pace than the one at which he was moving to the WC a few moments back.

Sometimes some people need to hear home truths, don’t you think so ?

15 thoughts on “Hey, sit down !

  1. It is always good when someone is brave enough to say what needs to be said. And it is also good when people listen! I am usually one of those who kind of sits and waits for someone else to speak up.


  2. I should not admit that I might have used the WC a time or two even when the seat belt sign was still one … although not as the plane was about to land.


    1. Pam,
      I guess when you have to go, one has to go. Often when the seat belt sign is on, someone locks the WC, so no one might be tempted to use it.
      In the silence of the night, with half dozing passengers, the “Sit Down” sounded so loud – many woke up with a start.:)


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