Day 16- iffy

May 30

Recently I have been hearing a word”iffy” used. I heard my supervisor use it today- she said,” the justification seems a little iffy”. I guessed it meant “vague”. An interesting word.

Kat has taken two days off work- she works another work in the night and the strain is too much for her to take.

Daughter 1 has managed to secure a seat- Pathology. Husband is running around trying to get her a place to stay in campus.  The hostel is inside campus and the rooms are so small – just enough for one person to stay in but accommodates two. Daughter is not sure how she can live there for 3 years. She has had a privileged life but now must live on little. An opportunity to put faith in action. Opportunity for prayer and courage. The college where she secured admission is my alma mater.

They are now on their way to our hometown to empty her old hostel room and take her things to the new place.

A few years ago, a doctor from my previous work place wrote a reference letter for me when I applied for the current job. It was a peculiar situation because I had been out of work for a year and a half and when I asked this researcher doctor for a reference for a job, he readily agreed.  But over the past three years, I have had no contact with this researcher. I have seen him around town at various research conferences about town but he has never met my eye and I thought I had offended him some way.  I tried talking to him direct when I saw him but it seemed he turned away. Two days back on Day 14,  a thought came to my mind – I wish that doctor would call me or I could talk to him and clear any misunderstanding he might have about anything. Believe it or not, yesterday night I see a message on my phone which said, I am Dr. H. When is a good time to call you ? Miracle ? Yes, of course. Today I returned his call. He wanted help with getting his daughter some research help. I agreed of course. It was a way to repay my debt. I am so grateful for this opportunity.


When trouble comes knocking at the door, let faith meet it there. There are miracles around us even now. We need to kick anxiety out and replace it with faith.



Day 15

May 29

Came in to work at 7 am as I had to make up the time I took to go out today.

But I need to go to the main bank branch to get my clearance certificate and that is in the middle of the Financial district, where, there is no parking and how am I going to manage it ?

Two hours, later, I am back at my desk, I went, got the certificate and came back all safe, and sound, without any hassle.

From home, the news is that maybe, just maybe daughter 1’s admission may come through and we may have a Pathologist in the family- perhaps the first one so.

A sick kitten, one of the 9 outside. He has not been eating for two days. I found him lying huddled up under the front tyres of my neighbor’s car, just waiting to get crushed. Brought him inside and force fed some dried cat food.


Found a box and lined it with an old towel, he promptly went off to sleep.



Perked up a little now. Can’t find out what the problem is. He seems to be telling me something with his mews but I don’t know.


Two hours and a nap later, he wants out of the box.


Finally on the computer table as I work.


Day 14

May 28

Today was the day I had to go to get my Quantiferon and C-Xray results.

I wondered how I was going to manage it. My appointment was at 10:30 am. Work was at 7:30 am – how could I go out in between ?

At 9:30 I finished a meeting with the Dean of Research and then I was allowed to go. There’s no parking anywhere near the CDC building. So I parked on the opposite side of the road near a prominent supermarket and took a cab to the CDC- that worked and I was on the dot for the appointment.

Both tests turned out normal and my medical tests and immunizations were done. Hallelujah !

Now its time to go to the bank to get a bank clearance document – so I can take it to my university and they can credit my last salary into my account. I wonder if they will allow me to keep this account open while I am gone.

The customer service person said it will take 45 days for a credit card to be cancelled and all verifications done so clearance document only after 45 days which does not suit me at all. Tomorrow I need to figure out how this can be done.

Day 12 and Day 13

Day 12 : May 26 and Day 13 : May 27


Uneventful again except for some of the usual drama that is so part of my life. We forget to do major things which cause major losses and major heartbreak and its because we are too busy to have remembered to do things. Just like that.

Lesson learnt: Being upset with life and wondering what might have been is not going to get me anywhere. Interviews are for a purpose. They select you for a position or job. But you need to go all prepared to the interview. You need to have all your documents ready and in hand. Now trying to sort how to get out of this tangle. Seems like storm after storm is hitting us or is it just one storm ?Most of the drama does not unfold in front of me.

May 27

Its Sunday- should be a free day but it was eventful as well. At work, they decided on the date to take me out to lunch as I am leaving. A lot of people are asking my supervisor about my job- is it up for hire or is it going to be closed ? No one knows.

Our main campus of the university is the main administration for our university. Our university is just there but everything goes through the main university. Eg : any research funding decisions or human subjects decisions.

Inevitably, there is a delay because of all the middle-players in this game. To do research can take up to a year of administrative processing. Who knew ?

Day 11

May 25

As it is a holiday, there is nothing much that happened, except that I slept almost as much as I could desire. Forget I took something for an allergy that made me sleep but I did sleep and sleep like a baby too.

No family, so it is relaxing. I looked at the webinar I am supposed to write a blog about. It was aired  23rd May- today is the 25th, so it is no longer available as a webinar, except as notes. How am I going to write a blog post on notes ?

Daughter 2 went last night- 2 am- so I was up half the night. The other half I read ghost stories – not a very good companion for someone overladen with sleep, I know.

I am now waiting to call a person at my future university. He works with research ethics, which is my specialization too. On a whim, about a month back, I shot an email at him asking if we could do research together when I came to the university. And he has scheduled a telephone call with me today. Now I am left wondering what I will ask him about. Remember I am not an academician, though I would like to be. I am praying that the words of my mouth come out correctly and I don’t sound too much of an idiot.

So that is my day.