A long time

It has been a long time since I have written something. It seems every May, when the heat of summer is at its most, my writing seems to slow down. Is there a pattern here ?

Teaching and spending time with my soon to be 19 year old daughter has made me appreciate patterns so much. A mathematical problem gets us thinking along a pattern- can I apply this formula to solve to problem, or should I use another one ?

What is the best strategy to ace the exam ? A three hour exam and about 200 questions to finish in that short time. What is the best pattern to follow ? Youtube came to the rescue when I wanted answers about any patterns. They had techniques followed by people who had written exams before us and knew which order the subjects had to be answered for the most efficient use of time.

When I pray, I seem to look for patterns too. The last time, I had  a problem, I prayed this way and I got an answer. Another time, I got a couple of friends to pray with me and that helped. I am wondering if there is set way in which a person can pray. Is prayer always about getting an answer ? Sometimes prayers can be about thanks too. No demands, just thanks. The long hours I had to myself have gotten me thinking about my prayer life. Is it selfish to only think of asking and demanding and demanding answers from God ? Can’t I just talk to Him ? Should there be a pattern to praying ?