I love looking for patterns. I think every human being likes to do this- patterns are sort of comforting, give one a feeling of “been there, done that”, so I can handle it, and give us the ability to accept change in a way. Most of us are wary of change.

At this time, in my life, I am contemplating a major change. I am resigning from my very lucrative job and planning to move into a new phase of my life. A new life, where I hope to be a student once more- 14 years since I last was a student and more than 30 years since I have sat in a classroom and was taught by people who knew better. The only difference is me- I have changed- at 48, I will probably be the oldest in my class. I am grateful that some of the colleges I applied to considered me “young” enough and pliable enough to give me a chance to learn along with youngsters. Now that I think of it, I might be in class with students who are my daughters’ age. I think I am mentally prepared for the change.

During this change, the only pattern I can figure out is that I have always been a risk taker. I can take decisions – major decisions on my own and am willing to face the consequences of my decisions. I don’t know what the future holds for me- that is another pattern but I know who holds my future and I am content in that pattern.