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It was Mother’s Day on Sunday, the 13th of May. As a celebration, our group decided to have a lady’s day out and pamper ourselves to feel good. We felt we deserved it after the hard work and stress and strain of the past year.

We drove to the hotel where the day out was arranged. The doors of the day opened to us  at the spa. George, the instructor met us inside. As the day was dusty and the sea rough, he told us the exercises on the sea platform were out. He had arranged for a substitute place( the cycling gym) for our workout session. The pilates workout took about 45 minutes and we sweated out through the hard exercises. Then a walk across the gym to a stretching studio, where  a half hour of stretches followed. The stretches were as difficult as the pilates before but they made sure the muscles that had begun to ached with the pilates did not ache any more.

It was 10 am- we had 2 hours until lunch. We decided to use all the spa facilities. At first I jumped into the ice pool. It froze me out. I took a quick plunge and ran screaming into the hot water pool next where the water was hot. A quick dip and it was back to the freezing water again. A few dips and I felt invigorated. By then the others had moved to the vibrating jacuzzi and the reflexology pool. As I have pain in my feet, I decided to walk across the stones in the reflexology pool. It did help tremendously. Then I went to the vibrating jacuzzi which was a mixed pool.

Later we went to the steam room, the ice room and the sauna- all of which were good for us aging women. We wanted to spend more time there but it was 12 already. Lunch was an elaborate affair but we needed to hurry through it -sushi, Indian, thai, Arabic, continental- every cuisine one could think of was present on the buffet- we just needed to eat. But Kate warned us to not stuff ourselves up as we would find it difficult to endure the massage that followed.Yes, she had arranged a facial and body massage for all of us later.

The massage was at 1-3:30- 2.5 hours of bliss. I opted for ginger oil as my massage oil and true to form, I promptly went to sleep only waking up when the masseuse woke me up at 3:30. Later they fed us green tea with dates and honey which is supposed to bring out toxins. Thus ended our day out.

It was Mother’s Day and ladies day out and we felt pampered.