Countdown day 3

Yesterday the notification went out on our internal mail at work that I had resigned and my last day at work would be in June. My neighbors and I were inundated with phone calls asking what happened. Many of them wanted to know if I had been “terminated”. Jobs are so scarce that anyone losing their job is a daily happening. But I reassured them, in spite of which some people gave me sceptical looks. But I thrived in the attention. Who knew that  a common job in university administration would merit so much attention ?

There are countless things to be done before I can claim my end of service benefits- it will take at least 45 days to get a settlement. Now I am banking on this amount to pay my first semester fees. And I need the settlement earlier than the 45 days in order not to forfeit my seat. Now what can be done ? It just goes to show one mustn’t count one’s chickens before they are hatched.

A little calico kitten with fluff died yesterday in our garden. My little next door neighbor pointed him out to me, when I returned from work. Seeing his still form gave me food for thought. Just that morning I had petted him and given him his feed. And by evening he wasn’t there- he was too small to realise that cars can kill and one needs to get away from cars with speed. How was he to know ?

At home, we are pulling along.