day 10

May 24

Relatively uneventful day. Things are cooling down it seems.

Parents collected Daughter 1 and dropped her off at the airport, so she could catch a flight for her interview tomorrow morning. All went well until when she reached her destination and found that the interview had been postponed for a day and would be on Saturday. She is staying with her aunt, my sister. My husband who is on his way to meet her there found out in the airport about the delay in the interview and wanted to cancel his ticket for tomorrow but decided against it when he was offered a seat upgrade into a higher class:). So plans unchanged.

Daughter 2 will go later today- around 2 am – her flight is then so she can reach home morning tomorrow. Her exam is scheduled for the 26th. So right now she is packing up and putting her things together for her trip.

I will be alone the weekend with the cat doing my pending reviews and recovering from my multiple vaccinations.

Oh, and daughter 2’s scholarship application got passed and they said she could have ¬†scholarship of $ 23000 if we paid $ 34000- seems like a good deal. But it remains to be seen if she will choose this college at all.