Day 11

May 25

As it is a holiday, there is nothing much that happened, except that I slept almost as much as I could desire. Forget I took something for an allergy that made me sleep but I did sleep and sleep like a baby too.

No family, so it is relaxing. I looked at the webinar I am supposed to write a blog about. It was aired  23rd May- today is the 25th, so it is no longer available as a webinar, except as notes. How am I going to write a blog post on notes ?

Daughter 2 went last night- 2 am- so I was up half the night. The other half I read ghost stories – not a very good companion for someone overladen with sleep, I know.

I am now waiting to call a person at my future university. He works with research ethics, which is my specialization too. On a whim, about a month back, I shot an email at him asking if we could do research together when I came to the university. And he has scheduled a telephone call with me today. Now I am left wondering what I will ask him about. Remember I am not an academician, though I would like to be. I am praying that the words of my mouth come out correctly and I don’t sound too much of an idiot.

So that is my day.