Day 12 and Day 13

Day 12 : May 26 and Day 13 : May 27


Uneventful again except for some of the usual drama that is so part of my life. We forget to do major things which cause major losses and major heartbreak and its because we are too busy to have remembered to do things. Just like that.

Lesson learnt: Being upset with life and wondering what might have been is not going to get me anywhere. Interviews are for a purpose. They select you for a position or job. But you need to go all prepared to the interview. You need to have all your documents ready and in hand. Now trying to sort how to get out of this tangle. Seems like storm after storm is hitting us or is it just one storm ?Most of the drama does not unfold in front of me.

May 27

Its Sunday- should be a free day but it was eventful as well. At work, they decided on the date to take me out to lunch as I am leaving. A lot of people are asking my supervisor about my job- is it up for hire or is it going to be closed ? No one knows.

Our main campus of the university is the main administration for our university. Our university is just there but everything goes through the main university. Eg : any research funding decisions or human subjects decisions.

Inevitably, there is a delay because of all the middle-players in this game. To do research can take up to a year of administrative processing. Who knew ?