Day 15

May 29

Came in to work at 7 am as I had to make up the time I took to go out today.

But I need to go to the main bank branch to get my clearance certificate and that is in the middle of the Financial district, where, there is no parking and how am I going to manage it ?

Two hours, later, I am back at my desk, I went, got the certificate and came back all safe, and sound, without any hassle.

From home, the news is that maybe, just maybe daughter 1’s admission may come through and we may have a Pathologist in the family- perhaps the first one so.

A sick kitten, one of the 9 outside. He has not been eating for two days. I found him lying huddled up under the front tyres of my neighbor’s car, just waiting to get crushed. Brought him inside and force fed some dried cat food.


Found a box and lined it with an old towel, he promptly went off to sleep.



Perked up a little now. Can’t find out what the problem is. He seems to be telling me something with his mews but I don’t know.


Two hours and a nap later, he wants out of the box.


Finally on the computer table as I work.


21 thoughts on “Day 15

    1. Shubham,
      It is. It is much better today and ate some tuna from a tin. I have still kept him in the box for his own safety. Until kittens grow up they are at risk from so many predators- vehicles, animals, other cats.

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      1. Shubham Sharma says:

        😃😃you are doing a great job👍🏻👍🏻 people like you make this world a beautiful place.


      2. Shubham Sharma says:

        I would have happily adopted her if I would’ve been there. And don’t you feel bad about having to let her go cause when you truly love someone, you set them free.


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