day 10

May 24

Relatively uneventful day. Things are cooling down it seems.

Parents collected Daughter 1 and dropped her off at the airport, so she could catch a flight for her interview tomorrow morning. All went well until when she reached her destination and found that the interview had been postponed for a day and would be on Saturday. She is staying with her aunt, my sister. My husband who is on his way to meet her there found out in the airport about the delay in the interview and wanted to cancel his ticket for tomorrow but decided against it when he was offered a seat upgrade into a higher class:). So plans unchanged.

Daughter 2 will go later today- around 2 am – her flight is then so she can reach home morning tomorrow. Her exam is scheduled for the 26th. So right now she is packing up and putting her things together for her trip.

I will be alone the weekend with the cat doing my pending reviews and recovering from my multiple vaccinations.

Oh, and daughter 2’s scholarship application got passed and they said she could have  scholarship of $ 23000 if we paid $ 34000- seems like a good deal. But it remains to be seen if she will choose this college at all.

Day 9

May 23. I am keeping track of the days and events that lead to my last day at work. I don’t want to say, “the first day of school” though I keep hoping that will happen.

I had a doctor’s appointment today- the travel medicine doctor. My titers showed I was immune to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and hepatitis C. That is 5 positives ( good news).  But I had no resistance to Hepatitis A:(.

As per   the document, I need to be vaccinated against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, then meningococcus, the flu and hepatitis A. I had to be tested for TB ( X-ray ) and the Quantiferon blood tests.

I am finally back after 3 hours in the hospital. I had 5 vaccination pricks today, 3 on the right arm and 2 on the left. They didn’t hurt too much but now I feel numb all over.

Then I went to the hospital bank to cancel my card, so I could get a bank clearance document.

After that I rushed to work as I have very little leave hours to spare. So that’s where I am on on day 9 of my preparations.


Day 8

May 22.

The IRB reviews done last week had a lot of back and forth with the institution I was reviewing for. A researcher who puts his/her own patient as a research participant, despite a consent and an explanation of procedures/processes is still under a certain conflict of interest is my viewpoint. It is better that a third person does the consenting and explanation and everything about the research. The party didn’t agree and neither did the chair. It took some back and forth but I held my ground. I was going to say what I had to say. Thank God it was all by email, no face-to-face.

Had to do a root cause analysis of a patient death in hospital too. It has been years since I did one, so I needed to study the processes once before I wrote up the report. I nearly spelt “wrote” as ” rote” now- I am so used to spelling by ear now. I need to exercise self-control.

This weekend I will be alone- no husband or daughter. My cat and I.

The plants in the office are doing well. The ones that are inside are dark green and flourishing but the flowers are smaller in size inside than outside. Kudos to the flowers that bloom outside in the blazing heat.

I felt excessively thirsty the whole day- I must have taken at least a liter of water at work today- I felt I didn’t just have enough. I feel tired too- all the time and I do sleep well.

It must be some deficiency.

The I-20 papers arrived today. I am going to make the payment soon, so I can have the student visa stamped on my passport. They tell me, I can’t study on a tourist visa-even for a month.

Day 7

May 21. At work today. Things going slow as the heat is getting to everyone. Even the plants in the office garden have started wilting. Not knowing how long they can stand it. It is only the purslane that can survive and thrive through summer.

What can you infer from when people don’t pick up their phones, especially when you need a question answered related to jobs ? Most people like to think the other party is ignoring them, they don’t want to give them a job/ avoidance and so on. My husband has been on telephonic conversations with a previous employer and their conversations were going on well. A month ago, things changed. No answers, no replies. A few shallow emails. My husband is sensitive. He reads the worst into such a situation. Either they have given the job to someone else, or something like that.How our imagination runs riot when we don’t know what is happening at the other end? It it good to wish to be a fly on the wall or is it better not to know ?

Just 5 days to go for examination number 2 for younger daughter. She has reached a stage where she does not know what to study anymore and I am too tired even to think of helping her.

I am looking for my vaccinations so I can have the documentation required for my stay in dormitories.

Day 6

It is May 20. At work I could complete a few of the reviews that were sent to me. They went well. Also sent my note of resignation from one of the IRBs I am a member in.

At home, my husband’s job is worrying us. It seems a closed chapter now that the institution where he was employed before will not take him back. Being easy going is not a good thing for people who want to make a change or are ambitious. The two can’t go together. This is what I( we ) have learnt.

There are two exams around the corner for my younger daughter-so she is planning to travel home for those. Since I am on my notice period, I will not be able to accompany her this time.

When it decides to rain after a period of drought, it goes full swing.