Days 17 & 18- dreams

May 31, June 1

” To make things happen, one must first have a dream. Then work very hard. Finally, the dream comes true”.

My childhood dreams included becoming a doctor like Dr. Ida Scudder. I had a supplementary dream – to study in an institution she set up. It happened.

When I came out, bruised and hurt, I decided I would not go back ever again. That happened.

25 years later, when it was time for my daughter to be a doctor, she choose to go to another institution for her undergraduate degree. Now 7 years later, she has chosen my alma mater to do her post graduation. Maybe my daughter is going to complete my unfinished dream. When I first went to Dr. Scudder’s institution, I wanted to stay there as a missionary doctor and go where the institution sent me. Later I changed my mind.

King David wanted to build the temple. Perhaps it was his dream. But he couldn’t do it. His son, Solomon did it. Moses led the people to the promised land but its borders were closed to him. He could see his dream land from afar but not on foot.

My dreams now consist of getting funded- funded so my graduate degree is completed without a drain on my resources. I am willing to work hard with my 48 year old brain. The rest God will provide.

“Oh God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come”.