Day 20- completion- almost

June 3, 2018


Hubby has come back after long travels. He has successfully settled daughter 1 in her college for her Master’s degree course. A year of hard work has paid off.

Went to work as usual. Rejected – one of the articles I submitted for the Best Writing was rejected and the other one accepted. I wonder if the rejected one can be submitted in other places ? I signed a copyright form when I submitted. I need to find out.

Its Daughter 2’s exam today- the last of the series- with this exam she can keep her books away and be free of school books for now at least.

The way to the college where she wrote the exam was picturesque, and the town on the foothill of great mountain ranges. The college was empty of students being a Sunday. Her grandparents and cousins accompanied her to the exam center. Everyone seems to be making a picnic of it. The physics paper was good but Chemistry and Biology were difficult for her. After the exam, she went to her grandparent’s home for a night of rejoicing and celebration-that it was all over- a phase of her life is complete.