Day 21 – travels

June 4, 2018

It is  a hot day. Husband is back to his normal work routine. Daughter 2 is expected to come home today. The flight journey is almost 4 hours. She calls me from the airport saying it was almost empty.

The results of daughter 2’s exams are due tomorrow( this is the exam she wrote in early May). But some sources say, it may come out today.

At work, around 10 am, realized that her results were declared but I couldn’t find out how she fared because her log in details were with her.

She landed at 1 pm and called me. I couldn’t be there being at work and neither could my husband. I congratulated her. She said thank you and she didn’t ask why. I asked her why she didn’t ask me why I was congratulating her. She said she thought it was because she had landed safely after completing  a successful journey in space and time.  She was a little behind in time because I told her her results were out.

And she fared really well- much better than any of us expected.

Now comes a time for a long wait.