Day 22- DS-160

June 5

Today I had my appointment at the embassy for my visa. Appointment time 8:45 am. Reached there 8:30- no parking space. Very hot desert day. What to do ? Drove further down the road of the Embassy and parked by the road on a deserted piece of land. Lot of white cars parked there-seems like many had the idea before me.Also a crashed car parked – wondered if that car brought an appointee to the embassy or was abandoned.

Walked down to the Embassy- about a kilometer back. A security guard guided me to a footpath which was chained off, so I would not cause security hindrance to other people. A lot of cars were parked in shaded parking. Probably cars belonging ot embassy officials.Lucky them.

Preliminary security check. Left passport and papers in a box and moved into a machine into the embassy grounds.Allowed to pick up my papers.Walked into a room with AC- thank God- I needed it. It was unbelievable.There were people everywhere. It was not like usual when I visited the embassy. What was happening ? Groups of people wearing airline ID cards were seated, no wonder the chairs were all taken.

A filter of water beckoned me to come and try it out. I couldn’t or wouldn’t – it would mean me drinking water in front of a a whole lot of thirsty people. The official in the waiting room checked and scanned the barcode of my appointment. A long wait ensued.

During which groups of people were called in. Those with code numbers A were called in earlier for some reason. Those with codes B like me, had to wait and wait and wait.

At about 1o am they called me in. There was a long walk through a flower garden from which heat emanated . Another security check post. Left all material with the security guard while they ran a bleeper all over my body. That was three. Inside the hallow grounds of the actual embassy, the crowd was a lot manageable. We were seated in good sturdy chairs and waited for our interview call.Soon 116, my number was called out. I went to the window. The man there smiled and welcomed me.

He asked me where my DS-160 was. I said it was in the system- I had filled it in last year when I applied for a tourist visa. He went inside to ask someone and came back soon. I needed a new DS-160. It had to come with every visa application. I had to reschedule my appointment. I was disappointed. But with head bowed down, I walked out of the embassy.