Day 23- The day after

June 6

My temper tantrum yesterday and yelling out to the desert sand, was over by the time I got to office. It was 11 am. I slipped past supervisor’s room, trying not to look as though I had had a hard time. My face was red, sweat pored out of every pore, I was not in a good situation. Fortunately Cyn didn’t mind and left me alone to brood. While there I filled in the DS-160 and submitted it. Who knew the system was such that previous DS-160s could give you an appointment at the embassy ? What are the chances that a person might require two or three DS-160s or a change of visa ? My visa till data has always been a tourist visa- now it was going to be a student visa. I was so naive. Thinking that the system had my I-20 information and that I was admitted to Y.

The rest of June 5 passed peacefully. As is usually wont with me, I didn’t beat myself up. Daughter 2 who has returned from her exams is sleeping continuously, recovering from her hard days. The suppositories she uses probably put her to sleep as well. She is in deep pain.

June 6 – Wednesday.

Talked to Cyn about my issue. The earliest appointment the system would give me was for July 3, a whole day after the day I needed to be in the US( July 2). ¬†What do I do ? An option for an expedited date popped up. I called the call center person and they couldn’t help reschedule an earlier appointment. I sent an expedited request myself.

Cyn directed me to Nan from our university who dealt with visas for our students. Nan talked me through the process. Americans are sticklers for rules and would not push someone through a fully booked system. The best one could do was to write to the consular services “seeking advice” rather than requesting a favor. Cyn, my supervisor told me that it is not essential to be in the US on July 2. A couple of days later would not matter. It always happened with students. All that was required was to let the university know and I did.

Cyn and Nan made me feel optimistic about life again. Maybe I could go after all.