Day 28-help

June 11, 2018

A woman helps with cooking. I am training her in our ways. If I am gone, she will help cook food for the family and look after the cat. She stays across the street with her husband and comes over when we need her. It is a new experience. So used to having done everything myself for 12 years. Is it luxury ? Yes, of sorts. But it is responsibility too.

Teaching is a responsibility. I need to know stuff before I can teach cooking to someone else. I have nearly taught all the recipes I know. There maybe a couple more. Of course, there will be no exotic dining or desserts. Simple, ordinary fare.

Feeling sick today. Seem to be sickening up for a fever. Aches and pains and sniffles.

To have too much of a thing causes confusion. Learning this these days. Last year, daughter 2 had about 60% marks for her qualifying exam. A gap year and the exam she repeated gave her a score of 85%. Now her options are unlimited. Many colleges and top ones at that beckon her. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of them, my own alma mater, provides good education and is ranked high but there is a compulsory rural service after completion of the course for 2 years. So a 19 year old will finish the course only at 26.5 years of age. The other colleges she can finish at 24 and be a graduate- but the cost of the education would be high financially. Dilemma ? Yes. Now the daughter spends sleepless nights not wondering if her marks will be good enough but which college she must choose.



7 thoughts on “Day 28-help

  1. So much more expensive in the states to have help. I have many friends in the UAE who enjoy live in help which they can’t afford here. They are not coming home anytime soon…surprise.


  2. Sometimes those life choices can be so hard. I tend to second guess my choices which is not a good thing. Will be praying for your daughter in her college choice.
    You are so right….teaching is a responsibility and I don’t think it would be so easy!


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