Day 29-writing

June 12, 2018

A sick day off from work. I have chest pain, both sides and a type of cough. I had my flu shot less than a month ago and now what was this ?

A day  of rest set me off good.

I catch up on some writing. A blog post requires to be written for PRIM& R about one of their webinars. It was a task I was putting off for a while. I completed it and sent it  off.

i am sneaking human antibiotics into the cat food served to the strays outside who each have an eye infection. My daughter thinks it is cat gonorrhoea since they all have it from birth. Some of them seem to be blind.Some cannot open their eyes. It is pathetic but they have a good appetite and don’t mind the antibiotic they are getting without their consent.

I love to address people by their names or some other form of address when I respond to their blog posts. I feel they are my personal friends if I do it this way.

Today is the farewell day for me at my office. A hotel has agreed to host lunch despite the time of the year. My days here are numbered. And I can feel the weight of the goodbye now. Though exciting times are in store, a tiny part of me remains here.