Day 35

June 18, 2018

13 years ago, my nephew Ash was born- today. He was named for my father. My husband is with my sister’s family this morning, so Ash got wished directly from my husband on behalf of all of us. Ask my second daughter – Ash is a pain of the first order. She has been fighting with him all the time they were together two weeks ago while she was with my parents preparing for her last exam of the season. He even told told, in a moment of frustration, ” Why do you bother to study- you are not going to qualify for any examination ? Or you should have studied last year and gotten in to a good college”

My husband tells me that growing up, his mother used to take sides in the quarrels he had with his cousins- her sister’s children. Of course, to his mother ( my mother in law) her son could never do wrong. Do parents need to take sides in quarrels between siblings or cousins ? I think not. Disagreements are part of growing up. Learning to settle disputes from the home gives children the ability to deal with conflicts outside- correct me if I am wrong.

Early today I went to the shops again – to get cat food. I realize that the days are coming when my strays will not have anyone remember to feed them. They will probably need to find birds to eat. The heat – how will they bear it ?