Day 36- water

June 19, 2018

I get excited about birthdays-my birthday. Am in that state right now. Last year at this time, my mom had her double surgery. She is alive today.

Went through my online courses- health promotion, GIS in preparation for my Master’s. I have not reached the fever pitch about my trip yet as I don’t have a student visa. My embassy appointment is on the 25 of June- I will know then.

Water at home stopped for hours today, making us realise how important it is not to drink water on a hot summer day or the need to use the bathroom without flush water is beyond self-control. Got the watchman to do a few repairs and voila, we had water again.

Injuries : Have a lot of painful injuries on my right leg- don’t even know when I inflicted these on myself. Sometimes I fear I have diabetes that I don’t know when I itch and cause injury.