There is a storm- this is a storm. In the storm, a big, tall strong tree, bends this way and that. As if it were playing with it, enjoying the wind and the rain on its leaves and trunk. A boat was crossing a lake and suddenly a storm came up. The boat rocked this way and that. Water entered the boat. The people on the boat panicked. Except for one. The one who was sleeping inside through the storm, yielding to it in every way. The other passengers who had seen the storm and the wind and the water and the waves woke him up. He looked around and at them, with a look of why did you wake me up for this? I was sleeping so well, tired after a good day’s work. But he cared for them and did not want them to be scared anymore- he said- peace, be still and the forces of nature yielded to his voice.

Things in nature are so balanced. They know that in a storm, the best strategy is to bend and yield over. A strong tree has deep roots.

Every storm passes. God is in the storm and the forces of nature know that.

13 thoughts on “Yield

  1. Good story. My husband just came home from seeing the oncologist. His chromatic count went up but they said some is to be expected. Sometimes you have no choice but to ride out the waves and see what the next step is to be. Peace.


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