Day 40- insurance

June 23, 2018

Its 40 days since I started blogging continuously. Time does pass fast. I am getting bigger and bigger with all the stress making me eat more.

I await my visa appointment of the 25th for everything depends on the  outcome of that appointment. We have health insurance cards given by our university which I have to return to HR on the last day of work. Found out today that big daughter’s card is with her in another country.Now how am I going to get it in time to return it to HR ? Maybe my end of service benefits will be delayed.

Daughter has gone over to a friend’s house for the day.

I am working on QGIS. And the version 3.0 does not have vector tools on it. Seems like a bug and the bug report will take 2 weeks for a response. Net search tells me that one needs to removed a plug-in called ” processing” and then restart the program. Not working.

I have a 6 page assignment to complete with this question- how am I going to complete it? Since the summer solstice, seems like the heat has toned down  a little. I am turning off the AC a few times as my feet are cold.

It is a nice change. Surplus of food in the fridge is a problem because one has to finish it. Left to me I would not have made new food until the old is over. But with the house help cum cook, food is made fresh every day. So what can I do with leftovers ?




Day 39-GIS

June 22, 2018

In preparation for my course, I am studying. Enrolled in online courses so I won’t look too much of a fool when I go to class week after next. That I am old and have white hair will make me stand out. I don’t want my brains to show me up as well. So some oiling and rust removal is what was done today.

GIS-geographic information system is one of the essential techniques for a public health person these days, or so the experts say. I am trying to learn and do assignments in this online course. I used my brains today. Trying to figure out how to recover my saved unsaved word documents from my computer. I was working on MS Word and the rainbow colored wheel keeps rotating when I try to save my document. Finally it crashed and I quit Word. I thought like in a PC, my Mac would have autosaved my document. It did not.  6 hours later, I was still trying to figure out where in the realms of Word, my document was hidden. Napped for about an hour, by when husband returned from his trip to homeland. We had lunch together. Post lunch, I tried again and found out that in Finder, I could go to a temporary folder and get my last saved document, which was almost the last one I worked on before Word crashed on me this morning.

So relieved. I completed my assignment and submitted it. I am working on my next one now. 5 assignments to complete before June 30.

In Mac, it is good to have Auto Save on( apparently) and Auto Save gets “on”, only when the document is saved on One Drive( apparently). So I downloaded One Drive from App store and got the autosaved document above saved there. The Autosave button automatically turned to on after this.


Day 38- summer solstice

June 21, 2018

Growing up, geography was where we got to remember important things like when the year is divided and so on. So June 21 became an important date to remember.

It is also the International Music Day. I heard this recently on my car radio. Radios are again in fashion now – they help pass the time while driving.

Today I went to the big library on our campus. I needed to take a right turn, as there was space in the parking lot on the right. And taking the turn, I am not sure what happened, but I ran over the divider. A loud crunch brought me back to reality and I realized I had done something I should not have. I backed the car up- thankfully no cars behind and moved into my right lane and drove on. As though nothing happened. Life is about play-acting. If at my age I fall down in a public space, I look around to see if anyone is watching and quickly get up and walk away as if nothing happened. But if I fall down at home, there will be a ruckus- I will make a loud noise and ensure I get the pampering I should.

I read about an actor and his wife of 20 years splitting up. They are friends with another high profile couple whose wife sees a lot of the first couple. It sounds like a movie thing in real life to me. Exchange of spouses?

Cafeterias are open around me. Roads are very empty as I drive to work. It is the summer vacation- schools closed. The few who are not taking a vacation are at work, lazily. Office hours are lax. The heat is getting everyone lethargic.





5 Ways to Disciple Your Kids this Summer

Great advice for parents- a good reminder for me.

Here's the thing...

Being a Christian parent and parenting Christianly are two different things. The Bible is replete with stories of notably faithful people who have notoriously unfaithful children. So, what does it mean to parent Christianly? That is, what is the Biblical pattern in parenting?

More books have been written to answer that question than any mom or dad could read in a lifetime. They range from the practical to the theoretical, from the philosophical to the psychological. And yet, with each curveball our kids throw at us, it seems like another one needs to be written.

Whatever the approach, a book on parenting Christianly is only as good as it is Biblical, and the more Biblical it is the more there seems to be a dominant theme:

Christian parenting means discipleship.

Chap Bettis makes the case this way in his book The Disciple-Making Parent:

What method did Jesus use to…

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Day 29 – Green Light

Trust and obey.

Principle Michelle

A few days ago, I was searching for inspirational quotes to give to a young lady who doesn’t know the Lord. She has lots of struggles — including depression. As a strategy for countering some of her dark thoughts, her counselor recommended going on Pinterest to find inspirational quotes and memes. I was inspired to help her create a scrapbook to keep at school that she could pull out whenever she feels unsafe. It will serve to remind her that she is loved and valued. In her case, irrational fears and unbelief are keeping her stuck in a scary cycle that’s hard to break without a strong foundation of trust in the Lord.

We are like this young woman in some respects. We want to do what’s right, but we question whether the choices we make are the right choices. So, we ask others for their opinions and ask God…

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