Thriving Tuesday Time

I am reading inspirational books and working on improving myself from within. Realization that one is so down there is a tremendous motivation to do better.

Want to share an inspirational story about a New York artist called Eric Sloane.He painted rural scenes like red barns, haystacks, milk houses with churns, churches, stone walls- all rural scenery. One of his favorite topics for his paintings was the sky. Throughout his life, he studied the colors of the sky, its changes, its clouds…

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Image result for Eric Sloane painting

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The words of his parting from this earth are described so beautifully in the book ” The Power of the Plus Factor” by Peale.

” Then there came the day when he laid down his palette and brushes and quietly went home to God leaving behind the beauty he created”.

One of the statements Eric often made and which is engraved on the rock that marks his place of resting is ” God knows I tried.”

I did some research on the internet to know more about Eric Sloane. The name Eric was taken from the middle letters of America. He was also a book writer. ” A Reverence for Wood,” ” Our Vanishing Landscape,” ” Diary of an Early American Boy” are a few of his books.