Today is an easy day to be grateful for. I woke up early, really early today – this is part of being low carb( 4th day). We wake up bright and early and can’t go back to sleep- there are no “rumblies” in the tummies; it is a happy state to be in.

Here’s my list :

  1. Diet : Thankful for husband who has kept the diet for 3.5 days in a row. For a person who cannot live by routines and set schedules, he has been doing it. Now he is accepting of the diet and the changes. His sugar levels have come within normal range and he has stopped his medications. Since he is a doctor, he monitors his sugar and BP readings through the day.
  2. Weight: For my weight which hasn’t gone up but remained steady. I am following the low carb diet myself with my husband and together we are doing it.
  3. For closeness: Cooking food from scratch, going back to natural foods, cooking fresh together, calling each other to check if food was eaten on time- has brought about an intimacy which was lacking for so long. I am happy.
  4. For water : Even though it is hot, we have running water and some to spare for the garden.
  5. For the Thai children: who were all rescued and are doing well.
  6. For people who look out for animals and birds and trees and living things weaker than themselves – so grateful.
  7. For grandmothers: I am grateful I had my grandmother living until my 44th year. For her love, care, good food, fun times, memories of climbing buses together, prayer meetings attended.
  8. For the lady who helps with cooking
  9. For the job that allows me freedom.