Thoughts for Tuesday

I have been wanting to share inspiration from the book I am reading now for a while. It is a book that is available in many book stores and many would have read it and been inspired by it over the decades since it was first written. It is ” How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

Yesterday at work, we had an issue. As we vet reports for our funding agency, we need to look through the report to see if things are done correctly. Technically we don’t or can’t understand the report so no one bothers to read it through those technical sections but we go through the personnel and expenditure to see if all of those sections are filled in. In the personnel section, they report all the researchers who worked on the project since the last report and account for their work. Some of our investigators, the people to whom the grant agency gave the money to conduct research, have a habit of bringing professors and academicians from universities from around the world, into positions like post docs, or research assistants or other such for a few months at a time. They are paid off the project in this capacity, though they contribute to the project as investigators.  Yesterday the grant agency found out that in some cases people were reported as investigators and the very same people were reported as post docs or research assistants in other reports- they questioned my supervisor about this discrepancy.

As I left office yesterday, my supervisor still hadn’t returned from her emergency meeting with the Research head because she needed to provide an answer to the grant agency and she feels her head is on the block now. Today we will all meet to see how to report to the grant agency in a way that does not jeopardize the fund and the project.

One of the first things  is to ask us who work as coordinators about why we didn’t look more carefully to see if people were in dual roles- one as investigator and the other as researcher. There might be some  passing the blame around during today’s meeting.

I have been reading this first chapter of the book and the first principle mentioned is “don’t criticize, condemn or complain”- all three words are applicable to me. I am trying to apply it during our meeting today. A person of true strong character is one who ” has the self-control enough to be forgiving”. Whining, complaining and condemning are easy to do. Self-control over words is the most difficult of things to do.


” I will speak no ill of no man and speak all the good I know of everybody”- the book quotes this from Benjamin Franklin.

” A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men”, the book quotes Carlyle.

” God himself does not propose to judge man till the end of days- why should you and I ?” Dr. Samuel Johnson


27 thoughts on “Thoughts for Tuesday

  1. ” A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men”, the book quotes Carlyle.
    Love that quote Susie. It can be so hard to remain quiet on things and not criticize. I know because I find it hard to do. Keep at it and soon it will become a habit.


    • Have you read Carlyle ? I haven’t , so I am going to look for the original and see if I can learn something. What a waste of half a century of life ( mine) that I have to start learning and unlearning things at this age.

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  2. Good luck. I am amazed at your understanding of the English language since English is your second language. You understand the finer points of it almost as if you are a native speaker. Interesting.”Her head is on the block now” is an idiom most non-native speakers could not interpret let alone write. You must have learned English very early on and visited English speaking countries often. P.S. I have read that book when I was a teenager. I have been to some churches in the U.S. where they mention it often as I think they think we need more friends and more way to influence them.


    • Thank you. Really nothing happened, Supervisor was cool today, not excitable at all, as though she had taken a chill pill, which was good all around.
      About my English, I love the language and I think perhaps my love for the language is what helps me along- plus PG Wodehouse and Agatha Christie books when I am stuck.
      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your words.


  3. By the time you read this Susie, I hope it is all resolved. Your quotes, and the advice by Dale Carnegie, are all terrific. Good advice for all of us. Kathy


      • The same happens to me Susie…something will set a thought in motion and I will have a post. I think probably many bloggers do this same thing.


  4. I read in one of the replies that your comments are disappearing. That has happened on my blog, and to me personally, when commenting on other blogs. I check my spam column now and then and often find comments that are not spam at all. Sometimes key words on the WP site will send a comment automatically to spam. Everyone should check now and then to make sure blogger friends are getting through.


  5. I must admit that I don’t miss the drama that is found in so many workplaces and the “who dunnit” way of thinking. Perhaps your workplace has more refined workers, who will rally together and not against their colleagues, because those wonderful attributes were not found in any of the places I ever worked.


    • Linda,
      How well you described the situation. The colleague who makes me aware of a potential ” catastrophe” was talking about the supervisor being in a panic and wondering who to put it all on- who dunnit is a great way of putting it.
      I used to be affected by this in my previous workplace but here I am not. Frankly I do not care anymore.


  6. I’m pretty sure that by now all your issues have been resolved..
    So I’m not going to dwell on that at all (To hopefully keep you away from bad memories)
    Anyway, I came across your blog today… And I’M SO GLAD I DID!
    Loved the quotes at the end…
    This is my new go-to blog for whenever I feel frustrated/Compelled to play the blame game…
    Amazing stuff by the way! 😊


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