Wednesday Writing

I confess I have spent a couple of hours over a couple of days in a week thinking what words go well with days of the week, so I could use it to title posts on different days of the week and also those that would inspire me to think in terms of those titles and restrain  my writing within those categories. I must confess I have not been very successful- I have even searched on the net for rhyming words- what goes well with Wednesday- whines, worries- no- something positive – really have not come up with anything great so far, so it is Wednesday writing for now. I thought I would use Wednesdays to reblog inspirational blog posts or those that I resonated with,  in spirit.

First up, the keto diet is working- for my husband. His fasting blood sugar is down to 99 mg% this morning. He is so inspired he doesn’t want to see a carb in his life again, or so he says. I am skeptical though. All I have asked him is 21 days of his life to put him and his liver back on the bandwagon. It seems even medical people have got it wrong and him being a gastroenterologist and all. Though insulin is secreted by the pancreas, it is actually the effects it has on the liver, glycogen stores, carbohydrate intake and utilisation that determine how the liver functions. And the liver is what affects the way we use sugars or do not use them. It seems like our forefathers had got it all right when they talked of the four humors one of which was from the liver- gall.

And the other major thing that affects our carbohydrate metabolism is inflammation. I am still working on understanding this and will write more about this when I understand better. For now, I understand that the way you find out if you have inflammation is by measuring C- reactive protein. I could be wrong about this.

For all the metabolic diseases we aim to cure with this diet, it seems we might have got our hands around two of them at least- blood sugars and high blood pressure.

This week is entirely vegetables alternating with protein.

Yesterday, I made keto almond bread in a coffee mug ( microwave method). So delicious- was as good as a snack. I found a website that showed this recipe. Let me share it here. It is delicious. Husband and I refrained from trying this out as we are on vegetables and proteins only this week, though we did take a bite each and declared it great.

So for breakfast yesterday we had cauliflower pancake. That again was delicious.

It seems going no-carb is helping with the temper issues too. When we are small, our parents keep us from having too many sweets, as that makes us hyperactive, prone to temper tantrums and so on. It would seem we never grow out of them and that they were right in telling us to keep off sweets. Those days, there weren’t too many sweets at home too, so that helped. Now there is plenty of all those things but the restrictions remain- the only change is that there is no mom or dad to tell us – keep away from the sweet stuff !



36 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Both my husband and I find it very encouraging that 2 doctors are following the keto diet! My husband’s blood pressure is down and we both feel great. I would have a hard time having one bite of the bread. We are using coconut flour and made pancakes one morning with that. I found a low carb ice cream: Arctic Zero: salted caramel is good but not the peanut butter. We do eat meats and lots of veggies also. I am glad to hear the diet is going well . My husband has a VA appointment in another week or so, so hopefully he will be able to find a nutritionist and speak to them more about the diet.


    1. So glad to be doing this- I feel like we are doing it with you both when I read your message. The best part I noticed is the temper- oh my God- that is so down. I am not sure its related to the carbs or whether the relief from tension of some control over so many diseases.

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  2. Yes, you have to be careful of the amount of meat you eat. It is a work in progress following the diet and not easy at all. Some days, I am perpetually hungry…especially in the evening.


      1. I wouldn’t even imagine our people would do keto- so I was a little sad.
        But researching helped me find out a guy who creates the most marvellous keto recipes of our cuisine. He is a rock singer, I think.

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  3. Gobblefunkist says:

    Nope. I can’t survive without rice. Ok maybe I can, but it wouldn’t be living. The one time I reduced my rice intake and replaced it with protein (dal), I not only gassed up the place that my family seriously considered buying protective masks, but was also chewing their head off.

    But yeah, you go girl. Am interested in reading about the outcomes of this real-life experiment.


    1. That was funny, Gobble. I guess it can happen. There is a guy called HeadBangers or something – he creates the most amazing of keto recipes- if you don’t have any health issues, then don’t go for keto but if you do, you could look this guy up- Sahil Makhija- he has a whole bunch of great recipes.


  4. Interesting and you are a trooper to stick with this as is your husband. How about “Wednesday Wisdom” as a title Susie? For years, I did a “Thought for Today” which was a quote generated according to holidays, seasons, special occasions and sent to everyone at the Firm every morning I added some graphics to it as well to be festive. On Wednesdays, I did “Wednesday Wisdom” and sometimes I used quotes gleaned from the tags on teabags so I called those quotes “Teabag Teatag Wisdom”.


    1. Thanks a lot, Linda. I was struggling for a word- I think that is a good one to use. Am I wise enough to dole out wisdom is another thought-maybe I can get passages from books I enjoy and share them and give out wisdom vicariously( is that the right word?). Teabag teatag wisdom is so cute- that is an allegory isn’t it ?

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      1. Susie – you imparted a lot of wisdom in today’s post. I learned some things. But wisdom can also be street smarts as well as book smarts. As to the teabags, my mom drank tea and use to save the tags for me. Some were funny, some were quite philosophical. Here are a sample of them from Pinterest:


      2. It looks like the link worked on e-mail. They are a little like fortune cookies. I am going to sign off here now. You have a good evening Susie – it was nice to communicate in real time.


      3. I am trying to keep a better schedule Susie, but I constantly feel like I am scrambling around and flitting from one thing to another. I annoy myself sometimes, really I do. I have been going to bed earlier, but sometimes during the day I nod off (especially doing something boring). I nodded off proofing my post a little while ago. My own post! How sad is that.


    2. There is a bit of arm twisting involved on my part and I am monitoring him by the hour, even when he is at work. At home it is easy to keep watch but he nibbles at little vittles wen he is out of sight.( used to that is). Food is in surplus wherever we go here and is often free.

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      1. I don’t know how you do it – I do like carbs and enjoy my whole-grain bread and oatmeal – sadly breakfast and lunch are the highlight of my day! But, as to the thick, rustic-style, whole-grain bread – I am a stress eater so it is very satisfying.


  5. I love Wed. Writing, Susie!!
    Well, glad it’s working for husband anyway.
    Do you feel better, anyway??
    My blog is moving Mon. I sent u an email
    http:// purpleslobinrecovery . blogspot . com (no spaces)


    1. Roasted almonds on a skillet- supposed to roast them in the oven but couldn’t bother. Then just powdered them in a Nutribullet. The flour was brownish in colour because of the skin.
      The recommended way is to blanch almonds in hot water( don’t cook them), then skin them, dry them real well even pat them dry and then powder them- this is called almond meal apparently.

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      1. Oh I don’t have a Nutribullet. Hmmm, got to check that out though.
        Glad y’all are enjoying trying to eat healthier & cook together.
        Today we did yard work together, well at least we were both in the back yard. LOL He cut grass & I raked .


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