Friday Foibles

It is a time when there is so much to write about but so many things hold one back-have you ever experienced that ? Doubts, should I put it all down or should I ruminate over them in my mind?

First there are reports of rapes and more rapes and atrocities against women. All over, repeatedly. What can women do ? What should we do ? Should we look the other way ?

Then there is a girl and her sister who want to come to our house to work as our own helper man has gone on his annual vacation. She has a day job at our university and wants to make a little money on the side by working at houses. I would have liked to have her but she would only come with another woman. They work together. For me, it was rather difficult – being the shy, withdrawn person that I am to have one too many people at home. But we did it- I relented and they came.

It was great to have someone ( though two) clean the house for me. I never can do it right-mopping the floor would leave water all around that I would slip on myself. Sometimes I leave my footprints on freshly mopped floors and have to do it over. So I was glad to have help but as they were new- I needed to be with them to show them the ropes. So half of my weekend day was expended in this supervisory role(:)). After they were done, I dropped them at a mall where they could get a cab to their work camp.

The house is clean but I think I will be doing the house myself again- that is feasible and workable.

My daughter has learnt a new dance move and she was showing it to me so I joined in. She woke up after 14 hours of sleep – she had come to the mall to drop the two girls yesterday and she got food from the Cheesecake factory- after eating which( perhaps??) she got a migraine, from which she recovered at 10 am today( Saturday)- a nice long nap or sleep she had.

Husband’s sugar is almost under control and without any medications- he is adapting with the lifestyle- no carbs at all- at least none that I could identify. But he took two days of the hypertensive medication which has Thiazide in it and so his blood sugar was a little higher than when it was without any medication. Thiazides are known to affect the liver and cause increased blood sugars. The blood sugars were still in normal range. He planned to get his fasting insulin and hs-C-reactive protein levels done today to confirm hyperinsulinemia and inflammation of the liver but he didn’t make it to the laboratory this morning. Early in the morning on Saturday, his car went to get the annual road worthiness check up and it failed the test- he had bumped the side of it parking in our shed- so that failed the car. Now he needs to get it fixed before the car can go the test again. So one car is out of service again as it has no third party insurance until it passes the test.

Otherwise, today is Saturday and the woman who helps with the cooking is there, preparing healthy meals for us for today- when today I will be fasting and my husband can add one carbohydrate to one meal today- the other meals continue as before( protein 25gms and two cups of above  the ground veggies). It is day 9 today and apart from a few complaints yesterday, he has done well on this diet. Am bent on getting him to a normal lifestyle with no medications if possible.

13 thoughts on “Friday Foibles

    1. Anne,
      I am a poor example of a wife, at least the Biblical one. But I am trying to be better- now that he shared with me what his fears were, it was easy to jump right in and try to help. It was the walking in the dark and wondering how to help, knowing he was hurting but not knowing where to help and how to do it without offending that was heart breaking. Seems like we have overcome the impasse. Thanks for understanding.


  1. I agree with Anne: you are a lot like me taking care of my husband with his cancer and our diet! When I was living in the Middle East, I was more scared of the stories that were not reported by worldwide news but were true and picked up by local news: crimes of stealing, and attacks at the ATM of workers. Everyone assumed that they were safe in the UAE but the local paper had some horrendous stories. Travelling as a woman and coming up against groups of men walking together: not Emirates was very frightening and some of the Western teachers had some bad experiences. I understand your fears. I prefer to clean my home myself. Enjoy the day.


      1. I know. What made me uncomfortable about the UAE is there was no fear of the law and touching women in public. At least in the states, this would draw attention. These were workers maybe from Pakistan and it was the National Day when everyone got so drunk. It was very uncomfortable to be out. I found women had few rights and we do have rights here, for the most part. Everyone must be careful , true.


  2. The crime here is unspeakable and on a daily basis, … men, women, children and no one escapes it anymore. It is very sad times we live in around the world. Congratulations to both of you for sticking with this diet and new way of life. It would be hard for me to do this food regimen, even though my diet is already kind of boring.

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  3. Timelesslady says:

    Oh Susie, your footprints on the wet floor is so very much like me. I do the same thing indoors and out…always finding after I’ve cleaned and scrubbed that I need something in that room and it is just not drying enough. On the porch I often leave grass and mud after I clean it because I will leave the front door locked and can only get back into the house over the wet floor of the back porch.
    I agree…you are a good wife to help with a special diet. Kathy


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