Another slow Sunday

True to its name, it has been a sunny day. The sun seems glaring at us from every direction. Even the plants seem to have given up. The ground is parched and cracked even though it is watered twice a day. It can’t seem to win against the evaporation.

As my car’s insurance had expired and we hadn’t noticed until the weekend, I was advised by the car’s owner( my husband) not to drive it till this issue was settled. The funny thing is I have been driving the car from the 3rd of July when the insurance expired until Saturday in ignorance but ever since I became aware and its owner aware, we are trying to be extra careful and follow rules.(sic). So today I called up work and told them I wouldn’t be able to come since I had no car. They advised me to call up an Uber and come to work, rather than take a day off. About 10 am, I took a risk and drove the car as usual. But with extra caution and with a nagging feeling that something untoward was going to happen. Thankfully nothing did and my supervisor was shocked when I told her I drove without insurance. Anyway all’s well that ends well and I am back home, safe and sound and the insurance is all bought and ready.

Elder daughter called me this way and wanted to know why I had stopped messaging her  the past two days. Its true. I have been going slow with the messages since she doesn’t respond often and she is busy and I didn’t want to disturb her routine. Seems like she wanted to talk this Sunday, so I called her and we talked for about an hour.

Husband’s blood sugar is 90 mg% which is 5.1 and this is very normal for fasting levels. It now remains for the blood pressure to be controlled. His serum insulin came up as 10 and that is at the upper limit of normal- so he seems to be getting his insulin levels under control too. All the beef he’s eating has not activated any episodes of gout- yet. That is another symptom of metabolic syndrome. All in all doing well. There is a 24 hour fast scheduled for Wednesday and I rather dread the excuses he might come up with. It is difficult for people to starve in the midst of plenty.

12 thoughts on “Another slow Sunday

  1. You have strong nerves, young lady! I understand though as I hate waiting for a ride and would most likely be tempted to hitch a ride,walk, or bike. I remember a taxi driver who used to pick me up 20 minutes earlier than intended for my job when I lived in the Emirates. It made me very uncomfortable. It is so much better to be in charge of your time.


      1. Me, too! I think he either wanted to practice his English or was hoping I might take him as a husband. I kept telling him I have a husband working in the States. He just cannot be here right now. Funny.


  2. Sad for your plants. Happy you and elder daughter had a good talk!
    Girl, God is gracious to you, that nothing happened while you drove uninsured!! Glad you got that fixed!
    Love, Lucy


    1. He is, Lucy. I visited your blog today but can only find some reblogs- where are those original, tongue- in-cheek humourous Lucy-like purplish posts, I so want to read ? Have you stopped writing them?


  3. Perhaps you (and owner) did not renew the car insurance as you anticipated not using the car for a while as you would be gone? That seems like a plausible explanation – what say you?


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, I have done the same and let my driver’s license expire, or even worse, misplaced it for a few days. It never fails that if I am on the road and realize that I don’t have my license I seem to instantly realize I am doing so many things wrong behind the wheel, and I am a good driver…over 40 years driving…but if I know I don’t have my license with me, I feel like a teenager driving all over again and become very anxious.


  5. Susie I am so glad you made it to work and back home safely! I had to laugh about your answer to Timelesslady about looking over your shoulder for a squad car….I do the same thing. Even when I know I am not speeding when I meet a police car I instantly slow down and check my speedometer! And for some reason my heart speeds up and I feel guilty for no reason at all!


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