Waking up early this morning. Feeling fresh and refreshed. It has been a good night. One in which I woke up only once to go to the bathroom( that is a big plus for me).

  1. For the computer, internet and wi-fi that are available 24 hours a day and let me have a virtual world apart from the real world. The virtual world helps me escape from reality for a good while.
  2. For ability to get access to books that help me improve my knowledge of things I thought I knew but actually didn’t and new things I learn every day. For recipes I am learning, creating and perfecting through these readings.
  3. For lowered blood sugars and blood pressure readings and the joy of seeing my husband happy and relaxed. The blessing of seeing this can’t be described in words. I never imagined my life to be so run by the happiness of another person but it is so, it has come to be so after 25 years of being in another person’s life. It comes to me that I have lived more years with this one person than with my parents.
  4. For 20 hungry cats that wait at my door each morning and evening and sometimes just hungry for a pat or a word from my mouth( I talk to animals). For each day I have with them though the thought that they won’t be much longer with me does bother me, I am determined to live in the moment.
  5. For a supervisor who has cooled down and is able to take time off from her worries and enjoy life at work. Her happiness transfers to us too and it is a blessing not to hear the tap of her shoes on the stone floors outside our rooms as she runs to get things done. For the slower pace of things this summer.
  6. For the ability to look at the better side of things at least when it involves others. I am trying to incorporate this in my life too.
  7. For smiles- for the smiles I see each day, for the smiles that remain in the world still. For people who give their smiles freely still. For people who don’t expect anything in return.
  8. For smart world leaders who do their job in their own characteristic way in spite of all the obstacles in their way. For the leader of a certain party who went out of his way to give a bear hug to his bitter critic opponent in parliament and who is ridiculed for it- for his guts to do so and not to keep grudges.
  9. For two legs that allow me to walk at will and that are under my control. I need to appreciate this ability more when I have them rather than wait for when I don’t.
  10. For eyes that see and ears that hear and a skin that heals fast even when injured. For a body that keeps me in one piece despite all the injuries I inflict on it.

12 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Those 20 hungry cats have me thinking and then smiling. Good list. Each day I am amazed by my husband’s strength and resolve to beat cancer or at least stymie to submission for now. I am grateful but have no wish to bring an evil eye by mentioning it too often. Thanks for listening. My worries about jobs and diet seem small against the bigger odds. I am amazed at the grandness of the powers who be. Enjoy the day!

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    1. Linda, I wish I could talk to you too. But I talk to animals and sometimes to plants( usually scolding them, if they don’t grow as I wish) and I would touch if possible every animal I meet. Sometimes animals know what you are talking to them through our human sounds and our touches.

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      1. I agree with you Susie. I think we convey a lot to our animal friends by the soothing sounds we make, the empathy we show them when we see them scrounging for food, or fending off a predator … my heart just bled for that mother robin a few months ago, when she had to fight off the red-winged blackbird who wanted to get into the nests occupied by her little ones. I got rid of that blackbird by distracting him with food. My heart melted with that baby robin and I worry a little about him every day, but I can’t walk to the top of the street as I worry I’ll see a lifeless body, though it’s been two weeks tomorrow. Yesterday I saw Parker for the first time in several months. I had believed something had happened to him and I did worry about him, and I was upset with myself, because after my canary died, I said I could never mourn a pet again as it took much out of me. I was beside myself after returning from the vet after having him euthanized after he had a stroke. Animals love you conditionally – they don’t hurt you, they accept you. I will write about Parker, maybe tomorrow, I am behind in Reader that I didn’t finish last night as it got late. I was happy to see him and he came running over to my shoe like old times. But there will be another story associated with it and an ornery robin who pecked him and scared him. There always seems to be a second story or backstory.

        As to never feeling like I am caught up with anything, I told Anne Mehrling a few months ago that I have not gotten myself together since all the blogging interaction started in late November. I seem to always be behind, whether it is e-mail correspondence, catching up on Reader or comments. I used to be able to pop into Reader during the day at work, but we’ve been so busy that it is not possible as then I’m staying later at night and my boss with his never-ending revisions for everything. I find my attention span is zero. I’m here 15 minutes and my body is here, my mind is elsewhere. Anyway, I asked Anne how she kept up after apologizing for not reading two posts she had done … she said to pace yourself and still publish your own posts, and I’m trying to do this as I truly feel like I have lost control of managing my time efficiently.

        I used to be so regimented, waking up early enough, out the door, and I seem to be just flying by the seat of my pants these days. That is why I crave that morning walk and feel so cheated when I can’t go.

        I have wanted to tell you something since a week ago Friday. I got to the Park early and there are a couple of women who walk early – they are nice, but I avoid them as they want to “race walk” so I don’t get there as early as them (7:00 a.m.) but I arrived early that morning as I had the A/C guy coming to the house to replace the water pump on the furnace. So they’ve asked me to walk with them before – not every day, just occasionally. They walk so fast, and talk at the same time – they don’t stop for anything, just around and around the perimeter path at breakneck speed. I said “you girls are going too fast for me – I walk quickly, but at a pace that I can enjoy the sights, even though they are the same sights everyday and I must stop to feed the squirrels (if they are there) … .” I came home
        that day feeling a little unfulfilled. I realize that maybe I just like my own company better than other’s company, since I felt like my space and mental time was invaded … I know it sounds crazy, but the “me time” has become so important to me, whether I am by myself 24/7/365 or not.


      2. that was a huge big post in itself, Linda and I loved it. I have been overwhelmed by blog posts and Reader and writing and everything too. I went through my Reader a couple of days back and removed some blogs I have never visited ever since I subscribed for various reasons- either their writing didn’t resonate with me any more or I didn’t learn anything from them or the negativity. After this, the number of posts that come to Reader are a lot more manageable. Anne’s way of keeping pace is great.
        I understand Bosses and their endless revisions and eternal dissatisfaction. My supervisor goes through that phase as well. I used to freelance for a Writing gig company and they never seemed to be satisfied as well. They would call at all times of the day and night and ask for corrections according to their client’s whims and sometimes I thought, fancies. I think you need to keep some time for yourself everyday, doing only what you like or not do anything at all, as that makes you happy. The powerwalkers are happy power walking but they might be missing smelling the roses. The roses need you to smell them Linda- so does Parker and all the wildlife you interact with everyday. I wouldn’t change the Linda I know for anything- I think you are perfect now.

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      3. Thank you for your reply Susie. I think we are very similar. I had the 18-20 people reading the posts for a little over 4 1/2 years and suddenly one or two people latched on and then more and soon I was overwhelmed – in a good way, but still overwhelmed. I sit here now and am going to shut down and grab a bite to eat, then have to tackle Reader. In the days before interacting, I would have written the post about Parker, but it will be way too late by then. I made the mistake of following back everyone who began following me, and made comments and I found, and what I told Anne one time was that so much of this writing was very dark and brooding. I told Anne this after I read a funny post of hers and had just waded through 10 or more posts of poetry and heavy thoughts and some prose which I did not entirely understand. Everything cannot be amusing like Kate Crimmins or Anne but sometimes it is tiring to read poetry which is just not something I enjoy – I had to take too many classes in literature that was dark and brooding in college, not to mention interpreting poetry … now I’m not big on poetry, and most of it I don’t follow their train of thought, or it is about unrequited love, or these terrible events in their lives – my feeling is that there is enough bad news in the world that I hear every day. I turn on the radio as soon as I get up and have it on periodically throughout the day … too much that is not good. So, I reciprocated and followed back, but it was not my genre, not something I enjoyed at all. One woman is bi-polar and wrote at least 8 posts a day about her feelings of helplessness. I am not unkind, I am not uncaring, but I really just could not empathize because it was an ongoing theme. Some people with 1,000s of followers – I knew they would not miss my comments. I felt wrung out after reading some things, just as you said “it does not resonate with me” and, by the time I finish my workday, the revisions and pettiness of what I do just leaves my mind a blank sometimes.

        I also had a side writing gig. It was for a search engine specialist and I never told my boss about it, lest he give me more work to do. The pay was a penny a word and many times I spent hours researching a topic, writing about it, proofing it and I did not post it, but sent it to the SEO to post. I had to do about 32 a month, or 8 a week, that was how he assigned it. Until he got a girlfriend, then assignments were erratic and had to hurry as he was behind. It was mind-numbing sometimes, like my current job. I did it for two years (2014-2016) and the work kind of dried up but truthfully I was glad. We were slow at the time, otherwise it would have killed me. I may do that type of writing content gig when Robb retires … I’m not so keen to go back out into the world again, been away from the workplace since 2009, and we left the law firm six years before that. Yes, the powerwalkers might as well stay on their treadmills, which is what they use when they don’t walk … I don’t see the purpose in going to the Park and either burying your nose in your smartphone while walking or powerwalking. Thank you for the nice things you said Susie. In the meantime, comments are returning from what I commented on when I got here and I’ve not touched Reader. When I had more time during the day, I could keep Reader under control more, and if I stay up late, I’m less inclined to spring out of bed at the time the alarm goes off. So, it becomes a Catch-22. Thank you for your insight and thoughts Susie.


  2. My husband just grins when he hears me talking to my chickens. I just grin back and make no apology! Love the gratitude list Susie….there is so much in life to be grateful for…life being one of them.


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