These exercises are too tough

I am keeping at those back- breaking, knee crunching, taxing, vexing things they call exercises these days. Since I am part of the group that does these 45 minute work outs each day, I need to keep going.  Seeing others do their part makes me want to become like them. It is a competition.

I am the slowest, weakest, painful -est person in the group. Yesterday, we were told to run two rounds around the gym.To be fair, I ran one round and walked through the second. But I completed the rounds.

He split us into groups of 4, doing 6 exercises, by turn.

At first there was the roller.  The trainer told us to run with the roller across the room. It seemed very easy. Don’t be deceived. It is so easy to lose one’s balance doing this exercise and my 49 year old body can ill afford to break bones at this stage. So of course, I cheated. There is always Susie’s way of doing the roller workout. A few steps walking, stopping, huffing, puffing and with extreme care I did one up and came back huffing and puffing even slower until the 5 minute whistle blew. I got away with doing just two ups and downs.

roller .jpg

Next were press ups- which anyway I can’t do- no point even trying. How can my fragile arms lift up a 90 kg body ? Impossible ? I have not been brought up to carry heavy weights. So I got down on my knees to try to give an impression of a modified press up( women’s press up). Of course, I cheated there too. I went through the motions of the press ups, without pressing or upping.

After 5 minutes of press-ups, the next set were burpees and bench jumps. Ok, burpees, I seem to be getting better at. At least I can get on the floor like a four legged creature- and that is something for me. A short miniscule jump sufficed for the burpee jump and then I did a walk step up on the bench, which is the only exercise my ancient knees would tolerate.

Two runs around the gym wearing 10 kg weighted vests was next. And again I walked. My partners were waiting for me- huffing and puffing in their turn- because I was so late coming to hand over the vest to them, so they could do their runs.

Jumping rope is something I am familiar with- so I was happy that was next. Even here, I showed how inexperienced I was. All in all the exercises were a flop.

Why am I doing these ? I like something new and the gym is quite close to my house and the charges are affordable. So…

What hurts most ? My ego or my knees ? I am still deciding.

Short cuts

I am not sure what exercises we did yesterday- I mean what categories they would fall under. All I know is there is only defining character of these exercises and that is – difficult. My age tells.

Yesterday’s was a sort of a HIIT workout I suppose with weights. We started off light doing squats- I could only squawk mostly and do half hearted bends of thighs hoping my body was aligned straight as required. After squats came the worst- burpees- of course I did mine the old woman’s way- got down on four limbs, pushed one lower limb back at at time, hoped I looked like I had made a plank and an impressive one at that- did a small jump and tried to get back into upright position, slowly and steadily. One of my purposed burpees was equal to 5 for the others. Never mind, at least I tried. Then there were lunges, all with with weights- I am getting better here, than last week- my knees don’t creak so much any more. This was for warm ups.

And they started right in earnest. As it was still summer holidays, we were only 9 of us. These exercises were to be done one minute each at each station, the trainer timing us. All I can say is I did what I could and left the rest. At the end of 45 minutes, I was sweating from most pores but am not sure whether my muscles were as sore as those of the others. Given that I had taken the shorter way out of every exercise and most of the times allotted to us. I did what I could.

Gratitude post

Its been some time since I did a gratitude post. I thought I would try one today.

  1. For two children in college.
  2. For ability to visit them when I desire.
  3. For ravaging floods- they brought people together- united, without distinction of politics, religion or anything else.
  4. For the ability to work at home- and liking housework.
  5. For decreasing TV viewing time because of enjoying decluttering and cleaning up.
  6. For the ability to not panic(usually) when things go bad.
  7. For friends, – good friends, friends I have not seen in long or friends I have never seen at all.


The last summer holidays for the season

This summer has been fraught with short holidays- official ones. That is good, so our leaves are just the same as when summer started off. Thank goodness for compensatory offs for working on official holidays’. Thank Goodness also for being the only one around when others go off on vacations. It makes one feel good to be someone important for a change.:)

So the last summer holidays started or will start on Monday but since it is the weekend, we can count the weekend days too. Plus the fact that a very important leader has died has brought its own compensation. Also family travelling from home has left me to my own devices.

These days I am quite into cleaning and seem to be doing good too. Growing up, my mum  did all the cleaning and I used to watch her cleaning, never offering to help as I knew I would never reach her very finicky standards. Result is for all to see- I can’t clean – for nuts. I can’t even see dust or dirt till it is quite a layer high. Such is my sense of cleanliness. And dust mites don”t bite me- so I know until very late about the layers of dust that need peeling off. Today was a cleaning day. I have been watching youtube videos- particularly ones on Cleaning and dusting to start off my cleaning muse. Plus having an empty nest does help.

Last week, I started going to a school gym for 45 minutes of vigorous exercises- the first day it was weight lifting, the second- boxercise and the third it was fitness challenges, something like HIIT. With my 90 kg frame, it was difficult but I managed to keep going. Also remember, I was probably the oldest one in the group. The trainer was a woman who was in her last two weeks of her pregnancy- she did every exercise. I am inspired to go on.

What we think and what actually is…

June 20, I had my birthday. Being someone who sets a great deal by birthdays, I wait for phone calls or wishes from my people, acquaintances or friends. This year, I had all of the family calling me but from two of my treasured friends no calls at all( though I was pretty sure they knew the date). And June passed by.

And July. And now half of August is past too. Yesterday I wrote to one of them about something else and we started off a chain of messages. In one message, he wrote back, I didn’t go on the Sri Lanka trip with the classmates because my father was not keeping well.

I read the message and didn’t say anything because I knew his father knew no one and couldn’t remember anything. In another time, he was an eminent Space scientist.

A couple more messages later, I read another message- my father passed away last month.

Can you believe it ? Here I was- sad, angry about my friends not wishing me on my birthday and my friends were probably battling with the illness of their father/father in law. In my ignorance or lack of understanding, I didn’t bother to ask on my birthday- I wanted them to remember on their own, which they didn’t. My callous attitude and selfishness made me miss a time of their lives when they needed someone to talk to.

We never know what the other half of the world is going through- all we think of is our wrongs. Others could be having things going wrong at the same time  too.