Time away

The past two weeks were spent traveling with family. At last,  the college admissions are over. Whew !!

Sharing a few photographs of my trip.

The weather was good- I am grateful that I got to see some good decent weather this summer thanks to my trip.

The college campus was green, greener than I remember- perhaps someone has taken notice of climate change and planting more trees. It was cool under the trees. The old granite buildings, of more than 70 years, still stand. Inside the hostel, though things have changed- the lower common room showed its age. The furniture which I remember was made of cane- now it was of nondescript material and uncomfortable.

I have no pictures from inside the hostel but these few pictures were taken outside. See the friendly birds which were so tame and doing their business;  they didn’t care, I was sitting a couple of steps away from them. The canopy of trees looks like a tropical rainforest.


24 thoughts on “Time away

  1. The green was a welcome sight after you’ve endure such heat all Summer Susie. Glad you had a safe trip and when you returned, your cats were overjoyed to see you I’m sure. How is the little one you rescued, put in a box and is now your profile picture?


      1. That’s good Susie – you said he was smaller than the others – maybe the runt of the litter? They are happy to see you as you speak to them and give them shelter and something to eat and drink – you are number one in their eyes.


      2. He is the biggest of them now, as he is special to me and gets special treats, aka Parker. Also he is so tame and docile. Plus loving too.
        And in addition he has a way of dancing while he walks almost like trotting.
        Do you remember his eyes were bad when he was in my box- well, they are well now.
        There is a pang in my heart as I know come October/ November many of these little ones will fall prey to the mysterious poisoner who has been poisoning cats around these parts. Not sure why October/ November- coincidentally they are days, when there is severe rain in the desert and a cold. It could be that the cats starve and will eat anything even poison to keep hunger at bay.

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      3. Oh I hate to hear that Susie – having someone who poisons cats. I had a poodle when we still lived in Canada and it escaped from the backyard and someone had put out poisoned meat. There were a few dogs who were roaming around, and someone tainted hamburger with poison and my Peppy ate it and came home foaming at the mouth and had to be destroyed.

        Your little Parker sounds adorable and see what some sweet talkin’ and a few treats does … you restored his eyes and he now has your heart. Do you have an outside shelter of some type you can create for them – my friend Carol does that for all the ferals that live there year round. She lives near Rochester, New York and that is in the snow belt, so they get significant amounts of snow so she has wooden shelters, with heated mats and straw and heated dishes so the water and food don’t freeze out there. (Raccoons and skunks also find their way to the goodies though.)


      4. Linda,
        I wouldn’t know about how to create an outside shelter. All i have is my back garden but these cats don’t stay there, though I wish they would. I would bring room service to them if they wished but they want to venture out into my front garden and to the light of the people in the other houses and kids!! I am not sure who poisons them though- its been happening every year since 2013. I hate it when it happens and it takes me a while to get over it. But that is the cycle of life- before long a new litter of kittens appears which adopts me as their mother and the funny thing is I am literally not a cat lover- I am just a believer in justice and the fact that every living thing has a right to live in the world. I am sad to hear about the little poodle who died because of poisoning- it must have happened years back but it still remains in your heart. I am not sure if I should take these cats and get them fixed one by one. I could do that- working here gives me the advantage of having enough to do that but when I did it in the past, I found those fixed cats became timid and cowards. Then they were scared of every stray cat until one day they disappeared from my doorstep- though I live in hope to see them again, chances are I will not. Can you please consult with Carol and let me know if fixing 20 or so cats would be effective or would it be all money thrown out the window?

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      5. Hi Susie – I am now back and re-reading the message. Earlier today I sent you the instructions to make a simple shelter. Now I remember one of Carol’s friends, or maybe even Carol posted the same, or a similar, video of a simple shelter for a cat. I don’t think it matters that it is plastic versus wood but I do know that the Carol posted it on Facebook. I have written to her (on Facebook – she is more apt to answer on Facebook rather than e-mail) to get an answer to your question. She has a friend who shelters ferals as well – maybe she can help if Carol doesn’t know.


      6. Did the website info or Carol’s answers help tell you the answer – if not, please tell me because I know she would be happy to correspond with you or answer through me … I don’t mind asking.


      7. Dear Linda,
        Yes, the articles from the website are very useful. I am taking notes and reading them slowly, so I do things right. I will let you know when I have questions and can correspond with her direct- she had an article from a neighboring country too.
        Thank you,

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      8. I am a dog lover too Susie, not because I don’t like cats, but I am allergic to them. But I can be around a cat and it does not send me into some type of allergic reaction as I’ve been on immunotherapy for decades.
        But, I used to take care of Marge’s cat “Missy” when she went on vacation. Up until about 8 years ago, she was still working and going on vacation. Her brother lived in Florida and she went to visit him/wife a couple of times a year, they went on a few 3-4 day cruises out of Miami and she traveled to Arizona to visit her mom. So I took care of the cat. But that cat liked no one but Marge and I’d go in after work to feed it and it would hiss at me … but it was a one-person cat. The cat developed dementia and had to be destroyed because it no longer would use its litter box and one day Marge came home and she had scratched up the entire sofa … really badly – stuffing hanging out and she arched her back and hissed at Marge like she’d never seen her before. Marge calmed her down and took her in a carrier to the vet who said she had dementia and she was euthanized.
        Marge had Missy for many years and it was shortly after her husband died. She bought two or three cats after that – they were problematic with scratching and climbing and she got a puppy and didn’t keep him long either. So she got fish and a bird.


      9. Its just that I feel I am fighting a losing battle year after year. There are 20 good and healthy kittens fed on good quality cat food for at least six months and then one rainy, dark night, they all disappear and their little bodies are strewn all over the compound. This has happened four years in a row and I am so dejected.

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      10. That is so sad Susie, and I would be dejected too, not to mention seeing them after you took care of them and nurtured them. Is there a way you can put a fence around or an enclosure of some type to contain them at your property, or is someone going to take liberties and just go into that “private property area” anyway. Why are people so cruel?


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