The last summer holidays for the season

This summer has been fraught with short holidays- official ones. That is good, so our leaves are just the same as when summer started off. Thank goodness for compensatory offs for working on official holidays’. Thank Goodness also for being the only one around when others go off on vacations. It makes one feel good to be someone important for a change.:)

So the last summer holidays started or will start on Monday but since it is the weekend, we can count the weekend days too. Plus the fact that a very important leader has died has brought its own compensation. Also family travelling from home has left me to my own devices.

These days I am quite into cleaning and seem to be doing good too. Growing up, my mum  did all the cleaning and I used to watch her cleaning, never offering to help as I knew I would never reach her very finicky standards. Result is for all to see- I can’t clean – for nuts. I can’t even see dust or dirt till it is quite a layer high. Such is my sense of cleanliness. And dust mites don”t bite me- so I know until very late about the layers of dust that need peeling off. Today was a cleaning day. I have been watching youtube videos- particularly ones on Cleaning and dusting to start off my cleaning muse. Plus having an empty nest does help.

Last week, I started going to a school gym for 45 minutes of vigorous exercises- the first day it was weight lifting, the second- boxercise and the third it was fitness challenges, something like HIIT. With my 90 kg frame, it was difficult but I managed to keep going. Also remember, I was probably the oldest one in the group. The trainer was a woman who was in her last two weeks of her pregnancy- she did every exercise. I am inspired to go on.

14 thoughts on “The last summer holidays for the season

  1. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, The exercise classes sound hard, but also fun…I hope you are enjoying them. Dusting, cleaning, vacuuming…I don’t like doing it. The best way for me is to have a book on tape. (YouTube has free audiobooks of classics) If I can keep my mind occupied I won’t end up cleaning while fretting over a constant stream of negatives past, present, and future. For some reason cleaning always dredges up not just dirt but unhappy memories. So…I fill my head with good stories instead. Kathy


    1. Cleaning and memories- oh dear !!
      The exercise classes are good. I feel rather good about myself being nearly 50 and just going there.
      Do you listen to the audio books on your phone ? That is something I could do.
      My problem is where to store cleaning supplies ? I am always short of space or don’t seem to use what I have efficiently.

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      1. Timelesslady says:

        I have a computer tablet and I listen with that. It is small enough to carry around with me to whatever room I go to. I have too many supplies, but I hate to run out…so I tend to stockpile them in the basement.


  2. Oh goodness…Cleaning is something I was once really good at but have fallen back on. Being just me it takes a back seat at the moment.Maybe when it is cooler.Now exercising is something else I need,really need, to do.Maybe when its cooler. LOL

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  3. It must be cleaning season! I have started reading the book, “Clutter Free” by Kathi LIpp. It inspired me to sort and clean my food pantry. It does look really nice and organized now!
    I am impressed with the exercise classes Susie. Way to go!

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  4. I need to muster some of your energy for cleaning – I look at it and I think about it a lot and it does not get done like my mom liked it either. My mom was finicky too and much as I tried to please her with “keeping house” while she was alive and could no longer tackle the tasks she had done for years, I could sense her disapproval or she stated it. I feel sometimes like she is looking down on me with hands on her hips saying “yup, I told you that once I was gone the house would never look the same again!” Oops!


      1. Yes it is Susie – my mom was a meticulous housekeeper and when her health issues began taking their toll and she could no longer get around as did before, it fell on me and I just didn’t and still don’t get that level of personal satisfaction of having a perfect house … I wish I was not like that and now it is just me living here and things are a cluttered mess. I look at the house sometimes and just shake my head really I do. I do have to tell you that I spent most of 2017 cleaning and organizing the house and I had the insulation job, then three plumbing disasters – all I did was clean, paint, fix things and I told myself that 2018 would be different, … well, it is different all right.


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