Gratitude post

Its been some time since I did a gratitude post. I thought I would try one today.

  1. For two children in college.
  2. For ability to visit them when I desire.
  3. For ravaging floods- they brought people together- united, without distinction of politics, religion or anything else.
  4. For the ability to work at home- and liking housework.
  5. For decreasing TV viewing time because of enjoying decluttering and cleaning up.
  6. For the ability to not panic(usually) when things go bad.
  7. For friends, – good friends, friends I have not seen in long or friends I have never seen at all.


25 thoughts on “Gratitude post

  1. Gobblefunkist says:

    Good to know your folks are ok. I don’t think Kerala has seen this kind of flooding in the near past.
    I hope the rains have reduced now…


    1. Dear Molly,
      I had to write about the floods as part of my gratitude post because I needed to look at the bright side of the flood. Sometimes a deluge is required to wash man’s brain and see things better, don’t you think ?

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  2. And our list of things to be thankful for could go on and on if we just stop and be thankful,
    I have just read a blog where she was askinf fro prayers for the flood. Her brother is there but seem to be able to help in the recovery.


    1. The resilience of people and their ability to see positivity in the midst of unprecedented loss is amazing. I am proud of my people. Disaster can strike anywhere and anytime and it is easy say – this is why it happened or why another group was spared but the way we deal with it is what creates a sane society.

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  3. I’m glad you mentioned the flooding. For once, I read about it in the local newspaper!!! I recognized Kerala in the article. I’m glad your parents are well.

    The thought just struck me last night that your daughters might be in a much more Christian environment than they have been.


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I love your gratitude posts. My heart is touched that you found a bright side to the flooding. I am grateful for you and the years we have been friends through blogging. Kathy


  5. Lovely ‘thankful’ list, Susie.
    We all have so many things to be thankful for, if we just stop for a moment and imagine that when we wake up tomorrow morning, everything we currently don’t recognise as a blessing, ….. is gone and never coming back. We have so, so many things we should all give thanks for.

    Nice post! ~ Cobs. 🙂


  6. I am happy you are feeling gratitude Susie and that you want to share it with us, because so many people just take things for granted and shrug it off. That is what makes you special and you YOU.


      1. I can understand what you mean,but I know that it’s the simple gesture and simple things that can add what you need in life right?just it’s not so easy to see it sometimes .have a nice day dear❤️


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