Short cuts

I am not sure what exercises we did yesterday- I mean what categories they would fall under. All I know is there is only defining character of these exercises and that is – difficult. My age tells.

Yesterday’s was a sort of a HIIT workout I suppose with weights. We started off light doing squats- I could only squawk mostly and do half hearted bends of thighs hoping my body was aligned straight as required. After squats came the worst- burpees- of course I did mine the old woman’s way- got down on four limbs, pushed one lower limb back at at time, hoped I looked like I had made a plank and an impressive one at that- did a small jump and tried to get back into upright position, slowly and steadily. One of my purposed burpees was equal to 5 for the others. Never mind, at least I tried. Then there were lunges, all with with weights- I am getting better here, than last week- my knees don’t creak so much any more. This was for warm ups.

And they started right in earnest. As it was still summer holidays, we were only 9 of us. These exercises were to be done one minute each at each station, the trainer timing us. All I can say is I did what I could and left the rest. At the end of 45 minutes, I was sweating from most pores but am not sure whether my muscles were as sore as those of the others. Given that I had taken the shorter way out of every exercise and most of the times allotted to us. I did what I could.

8 thoughts on “Short cuts

  1. Susie – about twenty years ago I took a yoga and pilates class that met twice a week and was sponsored by the City. I was not the oldest one there and would have been in my early 40s at the time. Clearly, everyone had taken this woman’s class before and I came in, and could not keep up. They were always two exercises ahead of me. I was still trying to get down on my knees and extend my leg. I went through two of these classes and called the City to get my money back – since it was two days a week for 12 weeks, I got back a nice amount of money and vowed to get a portable DVD player and a couple of DVDs and a book “Yoga for Dummies” (maybe even had the “Pilates for Dummies” too). My mother told me I was wasting my money on all of the stuff – she was right, they are still sitting downstairs in a Rubbermaid tub, the plastic shrink wrap not even removed from the DVDs. At least you are trying. I could not keep up with anything.


  2. Good for you Susie!!! I am impressed with your determination. I would not worry about not keeping up….at least you are moving and I am sure you will see improvement every time you go.
    I have started logging my food intake on the app MyFitnessPal. It really does help keep me accountable as I realize what I have actually eaten. I also got the go ahead to start walking again so I did today slowly. The orthopedic Dr. gave me a cortisone shot in my knee yesterday as the MRI and xrays did not show any abnormalities (which is a good thing!) I cannot believe how much that shot has helped and I hope it continues to help.
    I am so proud of the effort you are making Susie….you are an inspiration.


  3. Well done, Susie!! I couldn’t do even a half way Burpee with a gun to my head! I’d probably just burp, and ask if that was good enough! lol I’m proud of you, my friend!!
    Love, Lucy


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