Threading a needle

For two days in a row, I have been trying to get a thread through the eye of the sewing machine needle but have failed miserably.

I have tried the traditional method, front to back, pushing the thread through the needle- doesn’t work. Seems like eyesight and hand eye coordination don’t work together at this age for me.

I researched on youtube to find out answers. I tried the Twitter hack, which seems to work on friction and which was done with ease by the demonstrator but not so much ease by me.

And then there was the fool proof Chinese way. It is so easy and interesting when watching on youtube but not so easy in real life. For me, failed attempts.

And there were the needle threader methods. I tried all of them. To be fair, the metal flimsy hand held needle threader worked once for me but the machine didn’t play fair and the threads I had threaded so lovingly, painstakingly broke. Another attempt failed.

I have now ordered all the needle threaders I found on Amazon and ebay, with the hope that one of them will work for me. Many of them will take a month to find me, so I need to wait. Why is it that when I am in a mood to do something, things don’t work out as well.

As to my studies, though I deferred my course, I had given up hope of pursuing it. Yesterday I was reminded of getting paper work started again, so the visa process could start right in earnest this time, rather than waiting for the last moment as before.