Kat update : A friend’s problem

A colleague of mine was leaving. At the send-off lunch, everyone assembled to wish her luck. This is the colleague who owns Pepper and Elsie and Max( dogs).

Pepper’s second birthday last week 

At lunch she received a call from her house help. Oh my God ! Trixie is having babies. A video was recorded and as all watched, Trixie( the house help’s dog, who comes along with her to work and who is sibling to Elsie and Max) was on the sofa going in circles and a black bundle popped out ! There was already one on the sofa, squirming and screeching. Pepper and Elsie and Max watched their sibling.

A puppy is born 

Everyone had a fit, literally. No one knew Trixie was pregnant. Dogs have a gestation of about 68 days they found out. So that would make the day around the beginning of July. Max was fixed about the first week of July. Perhaps he got to her before that.

Both puppies 

Now no one knows what to do with the puppies. Thankfully Pepper and Elsie were fixed at six months of age. Max was left till he was a year old.

12 thoughts on “Kat update : A friend’s problem

  1. I hope the puppies won’t be put down too. She belongs to Trixie who belongs to the house help, who just has a small room to keep them. The vet said, ” Let the puppies be with Trixie till as much as is possible”.
    This is the first time I have heard of a house help bringing her dog to work(:)) and then her dog having babies because of the male dog of the owner’s house, and the babies being born at the workplace. Life really makes us laugh sometimes.

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  2. We have a public service announcement here for getting your puppies and kittens neutered/spayed at an early age because they can get pregnant as early as four months for a cat; five months for a dog. Every so often the news will have a story when a teenager gives birth and never knew they were pregnant – their parents never knew either. Now, if it was in the Winter and you wore heavy clothes maybe that extra girth would go undetected, forgetting about all the hormonal, etc. changes … but really for humans?


      1. Yes it is – but mistakes happen in humans and animals and then people say oops … should have been more proactive. Meanwhile, who can resist a puppy? Hopefully they eventually will all end up in a loving home.

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