Now may be best

A friend of mine from another university has been on the line a couple of times trying to contact me. I missed her calls a couple of times and didn’t call her back, when I could, always finding excuses to not call. She is one who has been following my journey about leaving this university to pursue my education. And now I am embarrassed to face her. When my visa was rejected, I told her but have been sort of restricting my communications with her to emails.

My mother, who is recovering from two cancer surgeries had her yearly check up last week. There is a small fatty lump in her abdomen still, which doesn’t seem malignant but one doesn’t know if it is residual tumour from the original mass or a new growth. It has been a year or maybe two years since she went to church. What with the hair falling off and the loss of weight and the sudden aging all her illness took their toll and she couldn’t attend church in a while. Today was a landmark day and she went to church and even had communion. For her it was a true red letter day.

I have a chance to go to church either every week- often I don’t take it and blame the weather or something else to keep away. For people who can’t go, the ability to go and stand through a service is such a blessing. I have heard the thrill in my mother’s voice as she narrated her experience being in church after a long time. One learns the value of small pleasures when one is denied that pleasure for a time.

I talked to my friend a few minutes back. I thought I should not put it away any more for now is best. There is no time like now.

9 thoughts on “Now may be best

  1. I put off getting in touch with a friend for a long time thinking she wouldn’t understand my challenges with work. And she did. She understood completely and had faced her own tribulations, some of which surpassed mine. Anyway, she was a good source of support.


  2. That’s marvelous that your mother made it to church! I wish it were as easy for you to get to church as it is for us. We have a long drive, but there are plenty of parking spaces when we get there.


  3. I put off things sometimes as well and chastise myself for it Susie. That is good news about your mom and I rejoice with both of you. My grandmother never missed church no matter what – the church was up a steep hill at the end of the street, but she went every Sunday, rain or shine, snow or ice. Then when she had heart problems, she could not make the trek up the hill and it broke her heart. The priest would not make house calls and it really upset her not going to church after so many years of that Sunday morning ritual.


  4. Gobblefunkist says:

    I love your posts because of how human it is, and how so much like my own life it reflects.

    I haven’t been to a temple in a while as well…thinking of going tomorrow. Let’s see.


  5. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I am so glad your mother was able to go to church. I also do the same and put off conversation or communication at times…often there is not even a clear cut reason…It’s just life getting the best of us.


    1. Or not caring enough about anything too, sometimes. I wonder sometimes how easy it is to break old habits that have been instilled in us through the ages. Once old habits have been broken, and we know that pleasure, then we choose to remain at that sweet spot rather than go back to the old habit. ( like church going)

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      1. Timelesslady says:

        Oh Susie, that is so well said, I find when I want to miss church, or other obligations, I will often justify why it’s okay and that should always be a warning flag to me that I am not making the right choice.

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