Can it be ?

I was out of town for a week. While my husband attended his conference, I roamed Philadelphia on foot. Where I live, I miss the use of my two God given legs especially during the summer. I cannot bring myself to hoist myself from my chair and walk a few steps on most days. There are some days when I walk less than 500 steps a day( don’t be shocked- its true).

So I grabbed my chance when a whirlwind decision of my husband to take me along for the conference appeared. Now I could walk at least for a couple of days and the sights to see would be an additional bonus.

So armed with my two New Balance shoes I set out- on foot. Almost every day I walked- can’t say how many steps but it seemed like a lot. My legs screamed with pain and my feel swelled. But I kept on after a few minutes of rest. The jet lag didn’t affect us too much. We stayed at the Best Western hotel as the hotels near the Convention Center were all filled up( due to our very last minute decision). This was the best decision we made, it turns out. The rooms were clean, the towels folded perfect, the beds made daily, bathrooms spotless, all toiletries provided( I had forgotten toothpaste and they had it). To top it all the breakfast buffet was filling, keeping us full for almost the entire day and energizing me for my long walks.

I was back yesterday and the scale showed- drum roll- I had lost 4 kilos- 8.8 pounds- can it be ? I am not sure yet but that’s what the numbers are.

23 thoughts on “Can it be ?

  1. Yay! What a blessing! The other day while I was glued to the television watching a news event, I decided to walk around inside my house for 30 mins. It broke the tension and helped me relax, plus it just felt good.


  2. My favorite exercise is walking and it always makes me feel better and clears my mind. Glad you had a chance to get some steps in, Susie. You pushed through and did a terrific job! I have never been to Philadelphia except in the airport. It’s a city I’d like to explore – so much history.


    1. Its true- the history that resounds from that city could not be written in any way in any history book. People like me from other countries, knew American history only from our history text books- after being in Philadelphia, I know for sure all that we learnt happened and a lot of it happened there.

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  3. Good for you Susie! You are an inspiration. I got a treadmill from someone before I got sick. I am hoping to get my back hallway cleared out and set it up so I can get walking. With our winter season outdoor walking does not work well.


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Oh Susie, I’m so disappointed our times away from home were during the same days. I would have loved to take the speedline over and walk through the city with you. What did you visit, what was your favorite thing to do?Did you have good things to eat…a cheesesteak…pretzels? Oh dear, I so wish it had worked out. Jamaica was very nice, but I would have loved to see you. Kathy


    1. I was disappointed too but consoled myself over the days there that maybe God has designed our meeting for a better time and better place- sure, we will meet, my heart tells me so.
      I went to all the places I went to before- on foot. I love exploring cities on foot- the penitentiary- because it was the longest walk for me- the wholefoods market on the way, on the sunday, i went to the Presbyterian church on the road between the wholefoods market and the penitentiary- got to know how a Prebyterian communion is different from our own,:)
      Yes, cheesesteak – got one from Reading market- but it was too much meat for us. Pretzels, no.
      I am glad Jamaica was great and you enjoyed your trip there. The weather in Philadelphia, while I was there was the exact same as the weather where I live- all the woolies I carried were wasted.

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      1. Timelesslady says:

        I think you are right Susie. I still hope to meet in person one day. I agree…for me also…at times cheesesteaks can be too full, but they are such a tradition in the city so I thought you might have had one. I have gone to Reading Market, and I have gone to the Convention Center for the Flower Show a few times. I even had pressed flower exhibits in the show near 25 years ago. Yes, the weather was warm when we were away, but it has turned cold now. After the warmth of Jamaica, we are really feeling the cold. Kathy


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