Squatting for life

One of the abilities I lost over the years seems to be the ability to squat. Squatting is cultural and in our environment and is the most natural thing to be able to do but not for me- not any longer. My sedentary habits are probably mostly to blame and of course, being overweight( no, obese) doesn’t help too.

Starting today, I decided to work on getting back into good squatting practices and to not support myself with a table or whatever is handy , getting up from a squat.

My cat makes strange sounds when he sees me – if I say hi, he says, something like a mix between a purr and a grr- now my  knees make the same- like an old rickety chair, which sounds as if it is going to give up.

I have done 20 already.  A good squat is not supposed to pain one’s knee but every time I get up, my knee lets me know it is there.