Kat Stories : Bribed with cheese on Halloween


My friend Kat who has four dogs( three of her own and one of her maid’s) sent me a picture of the four of them posed for Halloween.

From left to right: Max, Trixie, Pepper and Elsie.

According to Kat, they were bribed with cheese to say cheese.

23 thoughts on “Kat Stories : Bribed with cheese on Halloween

  1. This is so cute Susie – thank you for posting it. I am quite far behind in Reader again – I was going to catch up early this morning but got up and we had storms and didn’t go onto the computer until it was work time – I often won’t work in bad weather as I use a laptop. Anyway, I am still catching up on Reader and not too successful but have to get to bed early tonight – in a few minutes actually. I’ve had too many late nights due to writing posts and commenting so have to get some sleep under my belt. I want to tell you that Parker was okay with me and I took some pictures of him with the walnuts I took for him on Tuesday morning, but I’ve not been back to the Park since we’ve had two days of rain – we’ve had rain since before dawn and it will rain all night and into tomorrow morning – maybe storms in the overnight as well. It is very discouraging and also discouraging is now there is not only one coyote, but another adult and a coyote pup. The police have shot one and it was wounded in the front leg, and limping, and on the loose. I am worried for Parker and his pals, but also myself now as well. Tomorrow I hope to do a post on Parker with the walnuts – my boss left a ton of work to do – i left a little earlier tonight because I worked until 7:0 last night. He is on vacation.


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