Feeling anti social ?

Our office won the best research office award- again- 6 times in 7 years. It is a record. The sponsors don’t know what to do with our office. The standards we set are too high.:)

As a sort of Thanksgiving for the office, we are set to go to lunch to a Mall about 20 kms away. Many of us don’t want to go- the long drive, the purposelessness of the venture, the lack of communication and true team spirit all boggles us down. Despite contrary opinions, most opted to go, to avoid confrontation with supervisors. I am too far gone to even care. 

I brought my lunch from home and decided to sit put at my desk till I go home. This is who I am- this is who I have become. There is no pleasure in social gatherings any more. And the sheer guts  I have in defying standards is surprising. There comes a time in everyone’s life when one cannot take things lying down and do things others expect them to do for society’s sake. 

I don’t care what people think any more. 

15 thoughts on “Feeling anti social ?

    1. Seems like an epidemic going on of wanting to break societal rules. Lets see who wins- society or us ?
      How are you Anamika ? I was concerned reading your last few posts but am glad you wrote in now, so I know you are doing well.

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      1. I visited the UK in June about two years back- the skies being grey and black and the weather being cold used to depress us a lot- there was no sun for days on the end.


  1. Susie, first congrats on your office winning again!
    Second: I am so sorry they won’t reward you with your choice, instead of trying to force you all into the same mold.
    Third, I’m so sorry to hear you don’t have any joy in social gatherings anymore. All? Or just this forced office one? If it’s all, please go see your health provider, you might be depressed.
    Prayers, my friend. Love, Lucy


  2. Timelesslady says:

    Sometimes I find not caring anymore about what others think of me, in a strange way, frees something within me to care more about them. When their opinion doesn’t matter a bit, who they are somehow becomes a little more easy to love.


    1. It is a quiet but unruly season- seems like there’s a storm about to brew. The waters may seem quiet but there is activity and preparation going on underneath, perhaps for a new spring. It is perhaps reflective of that time of year.

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