First snow experience

Last month, my husband and I visited family in Chicago. Three normal days and the last night of our stay there, it snowed. I was surprised my phone weather forecast was accurate. It started around 1 am- I was watching for it- it had been an exciting day, what with a visit to neighboring Wisconsin to see a professor of my husband’s just across the border from Illinois. And an outlet mall visit to buy a lot of things( which I actually didn’t need) and a few books for my onward trip.

So, it snowed and snowed and kept snowing till the morning, when we could see the whole place covered in the whitest of snow. So exciting!

Way to Wisconsin
House in Wisconsin
Last days of autumn
My first snow- the neighbourhood
Little trees covered in snow- early Christmas
View of the house from the car- last sight of snow
Goodbye, snow ! 

6 thoughts on “First snow experience

  1. I grew up and now live around snow. I’m old and jaded about it. But you’ve made me smile with this post. I’m glad your first snow was a good experience for you. Here’s to the cold white stuff!


  2. Timelesslady says:

    Aw Susie, I’m so glad you were able to see and photograph the snow. Isn’t it lovely? I hope your day is perfect…I’m thinking of you smiling as you took your snow photos. It’s a happy thought.


  3. I’m glad you got to experience snow. It makes you feel like a child when you play in the snow or open your mouth and let the snowflakes fall in.
    We don’t get snow much here in the Deep South, but when we do everything stops & those that can go out to play & build a snowman just because we can- However, here in the South , this is s rare event. It’s wonderful that you got to experience it.


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