Morning pages

Two weeks of travel and the morning pages routine got into a once in two days routine and then once in three days and then not at all. Travel does that to one. Habits created and carefully cultivated are edged out for new ones or none at all. I am often guilty of the latter.

Perhaps it was better I had kept up the routine. Because for one, it would have helped me keep track of events, at least in my mind and two, it might have helped me cope with the psychological turns I took during this time.

Now what I feared is come up on me. I can’t seem to pick up my pen to write the pages. The spirit is not there any more. I need an ignition.

A long time

Its been a long time since I posted. I had my parents visiting me the last weeks of December and then was a two week trip home. Back yesterday.

A lot of changes, a lot going on at home. Perhaps a wedding in the family.

Being empty nesters has its ups and downs. Sometimes the loneliness hits one hard- sometimes the empty nest gives one more time to do things one had put away for a rainy day but the change I noticed most is -being with one person most of the time does take its toll. Before the attention was divided among three or four but now has to be concentrated on one.