There are changes

  • We had a department meeting yesterday.
  • Seems like we have had a merger with the department we used to call ” post award” but was actually ” business administration”.
  • What this implies is that our old friends are back with us again.
  • And their head is our combined head now.
  • Meaning my supervisor does not report direct to the dean like their head but instead reports to the ” post award” head.
  • That is major.
  • And there is a new member going to join our team next month- from our main university.

2019 resolution

I didn’t make any resolution so far for 2019 and now is a good time to remind myself to do so.

My resolution is to :

  1. Speak less.
  2. Give others’ a chance to talk.
  3. And when I talk to talk only sense, at least, what I gauge as sense.Why? Because last year, I hurt others’ with my words. Words are like a sword, they say. What will I do to bring out the words that would feel chained inside ? Why, write more I think. Don’t you agree this is a good resolution ?

14 thoughts on “There are changes

  1. One thing when Robb and I moved out on our that I was glad for was the lack of drama in the workplace – we always had the usual drama, but we went through a major merger … it was termed a “merger” but actually an acquisition. So, at least there was no more wondering where I stood in the mire of the workplace goings on. I hope this will be a good situation for you going forward Susie. Those are good resolutions but I think you are too nice of a person and they seem critical of YOU.


    1. Thank you, Linda. About the work situation, seems like a merger too for us, but in between units. And everything seems hunky dory but who knows. They say everyone in our unit should learn the work of the other unit and everyone there should learn our work, so all are prepared for any eventuality. The people in our unit seem dead against that. I think that is a good move because it makes one more skillful.
      About words, I didn’t mean words I use at work because of course, I am very careful about what I say over there.
      I meant words at home or to people I am familiar with on a personal level. I sometimes let my guard down there and then some words come out that do not sound as they were intended to sound.

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      1. You are right, it is good to learn each other’s work because you become more skillful and your workplace is always assured that people are there to handle whatever comes up. I can see people getting a little concerned about it though. When we were going through our merger, it was touted as a merger – joy and happiness because our Firm had monetary problems after one of the senior partners committed suicide and his clients did not like the other corporate attorneys who were available – we lost a lot of business, but our Firm spent a lot of money on frivolous things too (there were parties through the year and luncheons for attorneys, secretaries all the time – they frittered their money away and then entered the merger) … for us it was more of an acquisition, but for you, it is within your actual workplace, between units, so you don’t have the angst which is good. No, I didn’t think you meant words at work, but it easy to let your guard down at home and say things that you will regret … you are human and sometimes even though we love our families, we say what we feel and have to get it out in the open, or we will seethe and it will eat us up. I know from our communications that you are a measured and thoughtful person and choose your words carefully.


  2. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, your resolutions about words are good for me to follow too. If there is one thing I’ve learned in 60+ years it is change is always on the horizon waiting to swoop in and surprise me!


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