Green plants hampering beauty of the corridor

She walked by her door. She looked into the door and asked whose was the poster left in the corridor. It was an old abandoned poster, fallen down and to be trashed.

Then she peeped into the room and said, ‘ Are those flower pots yours?”

She said, ” Yes”.

” Well, you can’t keep them there in the corridor. Have you got permission from Building Operations, so put pots there ?”

Of course, she hadn’t. The pots and plants were brought by her to green up the corridor of the building. They helped her go through the tough times she was facing. Her mother’s double cancer and her own loss of a dream found her collapsed in the last year. She nursed the plants as her own.

Sensitive though she was, she was only grateful the place had allowed her to keep plants in the corridor for so long. Green is healing, you know.