Cold weather

Even the desert feels the cold. Realized it this year. How much ever you bundle up, the cold gets into your bones. The room heaters we have don’t help too much.

It seems there is a cold, icy front in the Western countries. Even tropical countries are feeling the cold this year. Climate change ?

11 thoughts on “Cold weather

  1. Yes, they say we have global warming but on these cold Winter days it is hard to fathom – we have -3 degrees F (-19 C) wind chill today – I can hear the winds gusting out there and pray we don’t lose our power. And 6 inches of snow – might be a while til I make it back to the Park – Tuesday we are on the cusp of snow versus rain – hope it is not freezing rain.


      1. Well, we usually have 1 or 2 days of cold, but this has been a week!! No, we’re all good for clothes, thanks! It has snowed in N Fl already! But not down here, thankfully!


  2. Timelesslady says:

    I don’t know about climate change, but we have had a lot of rain here on the East Coast of the USA this year. It’s pouring rain outside my window even as I sit here writing this comment. At least it is warm enough to keep the snow and ice away.


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