Lazy days

Have always wanted to do something extra at work. While working in administration, I wished to work with the English department because the staff and students seemed to have so much fun. I mean, it must be fun, reading books and writing for a living, right ? I really wished I could volunteer as a writer or a teacher of English but unfortunately I don’t have the qualifications and my regular work at the same university prevents me from volunteering in another department.

Anyway, two days back, a member of the English department sent me an email asking if I could lead a Book Club for this year for just four weeks. Reading a book with those who wanted to read along. You know how it goes.

And the first thought that comes to my mind is – OMG! How am I going to get out of this ? Can you believe it ? This is like what I have wanted ever since I joined the university and when I get the chance, I don’t want to take it up.

Finally I told them, I could substitute if one of the regular leaders didn’t come for a session and effectively got out of this responsibility. Sad, don’t you think ?

17 thoughts on “Lazy days

  1. Funny. Teaching is quite arduous work. Overseas teaching is fun with lots of new friends and new places to visit, but once you settle in there are lots of papers to correct, minds to stimulate and soothe, and work. It is very challenging nowadays. Sometimes I wish for a tamer job like in admin. I remember you writing about getting a poor eval from Saudi’s. Ha, it happens. It can be a fickle field, so you need lots of discipline and a sense of humor to not take it all so seriously. Is reading and writing fun: have we been able to publish yet, that too is challenging and if it were easy, everyone would be riding the band wagon. Cheers!


  2. Susie! So good to hear from you! I’ve been in a fog. Lost in the mist. Numb… Then screaming rage, then tears. I thought it would never stop. I’d think I had a breakthrough, and I always ended back where I started from. And God has blessed me again and again and again. The Lord says, “no one is as blind as he who will not see.” How are you? Are you coming to the states? Let me know! Ive been walking perfectly for 10 months. I’ve lost 70 lbs. I have moved. Starting to make sense again. I want to meet you!


    1. Wow! So good to hear of your successes. Surely you are more mobile now ? No W chair ?
      When I read about the new clothes, I was thrilled, so had to write. If a woman starts thinking of clothes, and make up, then she is alright.:)

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  3. Susie – I think you could have fun with it, but wish you could have picked a tailor-made opportunity for you – when do you hear if you really do have the assignment? I’ve never been in a book club, let alone led one.


    1. I had it in my hand but said “no”. A book club is a good way to know fellow book lovers. I have heard these book clubs lead to great friendships. Last year I attended the book club in the university. While the club went on, we were all very friendly. After it was over, not so much.

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      1. There is a nice Canadian woman started following my blog and I have followed hers – Joan writes a blob called the Homeplace web and she mentioned trying to start a book club. She said she had belonged to one and it kind of fell apart, some bickering. Last year I sent an idea for a “walk” as in a walk to raise money, to a councilman here. He was always looking for ideas to promote the City and raise money for our Memorial Day parade. They cancelled it for a few years when the City went into receivership. So, they have this big classic cruise through several cities. I went last year to try out the camera – I can take or leave it – it is the end of my street. So I sent an e-mail and suggested since it is classic cars from the 50s and 60s, that they sponsor a walk and people pay to walk down the street before the cars begin at 9:00 a.m. and they dress in the fads of the 50s and 60s and even the 70s. I thought it would be fun. I gave him other suggestions as well. He writes back “okay, get with the mayor and the police chief and I’m sure they’ll okay it, then form a committee and I’ll be on your committee, and we’ll meet at your convenience, but keep me apprised of what is going on.” So Susie … I could have done this … in college I worked on some things like this as fundraisers for the college as I was on the newspaper and in student government too. I even think it would have been fun, a little bit of a challenge (something I could use) and when I would fit it in I have not got a clue because I am behind in Reader due to the plumbing debacle last Saturday and my long post last night and have not gotten caught up – and now two days behind. I feel badly for the people who are kind and comment on my blog. But I digressed … I think, if I was not working, I would have risen to the challenge and liked to work on it – I suggested we walk along the main drag and have the newspaper there for coverage – I had tons of ideas. I was so turned off by the fact that he as much as “ordered” me to “get on it right away” … so I got an attitude. I wrote back and said “I was merely suggesting a good fundraiser for the City, and as an avid walker, I would like to participate in it and I’m sure the other nearby cities where the Downriver Cruisers pass through will have walkers and runners as well, but sorry I cannot spearhead this venture.” I zipped it off, both mad at that councilman, but also just a little mad at myself – should I not have anticipated that I might be asked to help out? So I fault myself and as long as I live in the City, I’d better not ever write to this guy – he never even bothered to write back which I thought was rude. I am a firm believer in e-mail etiquette which is just as important as speaking politely to someone face to face, or on the telephone. He never said “okay, I like your idea, I’ll pursue it – thanks for your thoughts, sorry you can’t follow through.” Nothing. Rude, rude, rude! Instantly I was happy I turned it down. Sorry to be long-winded, but when I read your post, I instantly thought of myself doing that – same exact thing.


  4. Your post has me thinking about how much easier it is to do than to simply be. Learning the latter still presents its challenges, but I noticed my efforts in the former more gratifying as I continued practicing. I think you made a prudent choice, Susie.


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