Fear and Faith

Even a nose bleed can put your life out of sorts- I learnt this today. As a child I often had nose bleeds. Not knowing much about this in the 1970s, we went to routine check ups and in those days, these things were taken as a matter of fact. I mean most people and a lot of children those days had nose bleeds. Now approaching 50 at a real fast pace, I tend to worry a lot more. My family does too. Health scares us a lot more these days than it used to in the 1970s. Being aware does make us better equipped but makes us fearful too. What am I afraid of ? A bad diagnosis or the fact that I may be facing death ? I think I am just afraid of the old body giving up on me and that wear and tear has finally caught up with me.

The bleed stopped in a matter of seconds- meaning my clotting was working properly. I had my blood tests done in December during another bout of nose bleed then. It seems the cold weather of 2018-19 has not worked in favor of my health. I cannot remember having felt very tired or anything except exceptional sugar cravings and my weight refusing to go down.

Issues in my family have turned me once more to that old refuge- positive thinking books and of course, Norman Vincent Peale. I can say I read the Bible and pray but the truth is what Peale writes seems to make more sense. Anyway, I am now reading about choices man can make- faith or fear. Faith can banish fear. I choose faith. What else does man have ? I don’t want to live in fear, like a worm.