I don’t have many friends. In fact, I have almost none. And this is how I chose it to be. I enjoy being with nature and animals and birds and just being an onlooker rather than a talker. Of course I love observing and listening to things. I constantly learn and try to improve myself.

In college, everyone had friends and many of those friendships have lasted even more than 30 years. Mine haven’t except for an occasional email from a friend in England and maybe a couple of messages from a husband wife couple who were my classmates in college, I don’t even have contact with many of my college mates. And from school, the situation is even worse.

As to from church, I am one of those who go to church to worship and quickly leave after the service without waiting for the socializing.

The repercussions of all these are now showing up. When we need a job, there is no one to vouch for us. When we need to look out for suitable grooms or brides for the children, we have no one to ask or help us. I used to think my heavenly Father is more than enough as my friend. My blog friends are a great support for me and I thank all of them for their prayers and support but I haven’t seen even one of them in life.

My daughter in college is challenged because of her reclusive nature too- she used to be very friendly and outgoing but some circumstances in her life have made her so. We are at a dead end about how and what to do with our lives.

17 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You are not alone. I’m not sure of my ‘problem’ but there are very few who I could really call out to. And when I do reash out in friendship I feel like I am intruding because they never reach out in return. Now that my best friend ( husband) is gone it does get lonesome at times.
    I’ll pray for you …and you pray for me. Done deal.


  2. I agree with bcparkison, you are not alone. As an introvert myself, it IS difficult to reach out especially when you are content and happy with your life. I often wish I had more friends and I have to really push myself to step outside my comfort zone. Maybe you could reach out by joining a small group such as an exercise class, a (small) book club or bible study, or even a take a short term class somewhere. I know how hard this can be and it isn’t easy. I am looking to retire in 2020 and hope (following my own advice to you) to make some positive changes in my life by meeting new people. I will pray for both of us!


    1. Thank you so much- I now don’t know what drove me to write that post this morning but the support you girls give me is amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will keep you in my prayers too.


  3. I have always been reclusive, more so now that I live by myself and people say there is something wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with me, no more than there is something wrong with you Susie. We are able to self-entertain and enjoy the simple things that Mother Nature has to offer … it makes for peace in our day and peace and solitude is what I covet the most and I suspect you do too.


  4. You just described me and my daughter.
    We are fine, Susie. It takes all kinds to make the world.
    A door always opens when you feel lost. There are no dead ends in life. Only temporary setbacks.


  5. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I am the same. I think like you it is because of a great relationship with the Lord, my family, and the fact that my husband is my best friend. I enjoy doing things with him. I still would love to meet in person. When are you coming? Kathy


  6. dear one, I pray for you and your daughters-KNOWING God is the best friend, to have in life and believing He will bless you all. I wish I could meet you in person. (You know I would cook for you!) HAHA! util then, know you are loved from afar. love Michele


  7. It’s so much harder to make friends, the older I get. I was such an extrovert all my life, now I find m yself just wanting to stay home. We, your bloggy friends are here for you!
    Love, Lucy ❤


  8. cshin599 says:

    Good morning Susie, please allow me to share my thoughts to you. I resonated with some of your thoughts. I and my wife leave church as soon as the service is over. Truth be told we leave just after, or before, the benediction. I have some friends, but when together, many a times I feel detached from my circle of friends. And yes, it is my choice that I have taken to keep outside the circle of friends. I do love nature and quiet. But as with age comes responsibilities that cannot be ignored, and thus less time for backpacking or just walking the beach. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in your blog. Sincerely chuck


    1. Hi Chuck,
      It is a long time since I wrote that post. I am glad you shared your thoughts and I feel a lot of people these days leave church earlier without partaking of the “Fellowship” that follows. I am shy and find it difficult to connect- I should,though.


      1. cshin599 says:

        Hi Susie, Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful Sunday. Thank you chuck


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