I love clouds- hope

Rain clouds that don’t rain

Excited this morning to see rain clouds but they show no sign of dropping their water. The earth and people and animals are all parched and waiting but there is no rain. We are grateful for the hope that a few black clouds bring.

Bougainvillea plant with flowers – still looking green
The yellow Oleander flowers- poisonous plants ? ( memories of pharmacology)
Jasmine flowers
More bougainvillea
I am not sure what this plant is called but it sure does flower throughout the year
Red Hibiscus
Desert Rose – flowering for the first time
The sun shining through the clouds

I love clouds for they give me hope that there might be rain. And when the wind is still and the earth seems waiting, that is the best time of all- and if there is rain, then all our waiting is not in vain. It is more than mid way through April and the black clouds that fleet through our skies are answers to our prayers for rain and a delayed summer.